The Journey Begins – 8 Nov 2018

Thanks for joining us!    We are still making final preparations.   Hope to provide some updates soon.

Here is a link to Our Setup with a bit of information on how we will be traveling.

bourke bridge
The North Bourke Bridge over the Darling River – which we expect to cross on day 1 or 2.

22 thoughts on “The Journey Begins – 8 Nov 2018

    1. HI Lynn, Hope all is well with you. I replied to this a few days ago but it didnt work. Dodgy telstra out here. Having a fab time and hope you let us know how your xmas trip goes.


  1. Travel safely you two.
    May the road ride to meet , may the sun and the stars guide your path.
    Thinking of you.
    Annemarie & Mark.


  2. Hi Annemarie the road is riding up to meet but so are copious amounts of roos! We r trying hard not to hit one. They are drought weakened and doing weird things near the Rd. Then there is the emus! Never have we seen so many dead roos in all our travels. I’m sure the truckers think I’m mad driving around a dead one on the Rd! M


  3. Hi Maddy and Steve. You have covered so much ground. The gorges and water life looks fantastic. It must be hard to leave them. The birds are the best. I have always wanted to see a Dollar Bird. I wonder what they taste like. I also like the look of the Prado and its scalloped up noise. It must be refreshing to get way out of the city and see rural people and their life. cheers


      1. Hi Warwick, yes we heard the barking owl first, that triggered me to go out looking for it. Eventually spotted one on the second night at Adels Grove. However it was too dark to get a good picture. Steve


  4. Good to see that you’re keeping up your camping skills outside the van. I haven’t really paid enough attention to birds outside my contact experience. Such are variety.


    1. The plum headed finch is well spotted. I hadn’t heard of it. Sounds like the trip has been mud free so far. Seven years of draught must be tough on the communities.


      1. Yes Warwick, They really are doing it tough out there. No mud but there is the tail end of cyclone Owen coming. We will be heading inland to avoid the worst of it if we can. This was supposed to be a rain free-good weather year long trip after all. M


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