On the road

We are on our way!   2 days and 1250km later we are in Charleville in central Queensland.   They have been long drives but after Dubbo there has been little traffic and the roads are flat and straight, so it’s quite easy going.

The first day had us fighting rush hour traffic for the last time in Sydney, then over the Blue Mountains, up to Dubbo and on to a tiny ex-railway siding town called Girilambone which is about 40km north of Nyngan with a population of about 107 (2016 census).      After dinner at the pub and a night at the town’s camping area, we headed on to Bourke. At Bourke we had a 1 hour visit to the bank to do some final finance arrangements then continued on through Cunnamulla to Charleville where we have stopped at a private bush camp site about 2km north of town (which we have to ourselves).

We stopped briefly at Nyngan’s infamous new attraction-the big Bogan (see below), had a stroll around the Girilambone railway ruins and watched an Egret catch a fish at the mighty Warrego  river at a quaint town called Wyandra.  Otherwise these last two days have been mostly about heading north without too much delay.

While the country south of Nyngan has had some good rain recently and is starting to look better, they still need more. However further north (around Cunnamulla especially) things are still pretty desperate. The numbers of dead kangaroos on the roadside are staggering.  We were told that they come to eat the last grass on the side of the road when there is little else left and they either become roadkill or they simply grow too weak and die there – it’s very sad to see.

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