Lawn Hill Gorge- Nov 16

Cant believe we have been out on the road for 8 days. It has gone so fast. I only know the date and the day of the week because my computer tells me otherwise it just does not matter. We spent the morning in the National Park again doing 3 walks starting a 7am to beat the heat. The first walk involved a big climb up to the top of “Island stack” and a walk around the top which had little shade but the views all around the area and down into the gorge were fantastic. The second was to visit the local aboriginal site which was interesting. Hard to believe there have been people here for 30,000 years. The 3rd involved a swim to cool off. You don’t bring a towel with you. Walking around wet is the only way to cope with the heat. M

island stack walk view
Steve at the top of the island stack


indarri falls
indarri falls
steve loading boat
Steve loading “guppy” the folding boat onto the car

steve with camera

We both have a camera so watch out!

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