A quiet day around camp

We decided to have a sleep in this morning (that’s 7am!) and not go anywhere in the car today and just hang out here at Adel’s Grove on our last day here. We did some caravan chores and washed the sheets. In our little daewoo mini is takes 2 loads to do 2 queen size sheets and 4 pillow slips. A load of clothes will do 4 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts some socks and undies. This is better than we thought. You don’t wear much out here anyway. We have spent most of our time here in swimmers or less. Steve got up a bit earlier (6am) and went for a run up to “lookout hill”. I wanted to check this out so we went back up there after bfast and the way back down we walked back to the grove through the bush along the river and found another gorgeous secluded jump in the river spot and then 10minutes on another that was like a jacuzzi where we got a “creek massage”. We then returned to camp to laze around and read. M

On the way out this morning we startled the wallaby eating the mangoes fallen from the tree. The wallaby isn’t the only one eating these. We had some for breakfast! There are a number of huge clumps of this giant bamboo. We saw this same variety on the amazon.

These were our 2 new swimming spots this morning

Our set up. filtering the pumped river water to use the washing machine.

Last nights dinner of Vietnamese salad. Vodka and cranberry anyone? Happy hour last night before a headlong dive into that water in the background!


2 thoughts on “A quiet day around camp

  1. WOW!!!! You guys are living the dream! How awesome to be able to opt-out for a year! Enjoy every single minute – there is so much to see and do and you are doing it all. How absolutely wonderful! Love hearing your news – keep it rolling! BTW – what are the day time temperatures there? We are having a little heat wave at the moment – it’s about 33 degrees C and absolutely no rain. Continue having a blast!


    1. HI Joan,

      Thanks for the email. It is about 36deg and humid here. This we are told is cool to normal here but it can be hotter. Once the rains come it might be cooler at times but for now it is the build-up as it’s called. This is why we are the only people here but that just makes it even more special for us. We were at the gorge this morning for a 7am walk (yes we were supposed to leave but didnt) and there was nobody staying in the nat park campground either so we really feel like the gorge is ours!


      Maddy ________________________________


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