Last day at Adels Grove

The history of this place is interesting and sad. It was named after a French Botanist Albert De Lestang who bought the lease to this property in 1930. The Govt of the day commissioned  him to experiment with growing tropical fruits and trees. By 1939 he had over 1000 different species of trees and shrubs many from Africa, Asia and South America. It was a real botanic garden on the middle of the outback because of the permanent water supply of the Gorge/creek. He built living quarters, a shop, storeroom and office. He had stone lined paths and hitching posts and white painted post and rail fences. He sold fruit and veggies, stores and items of clothing and collected seeds and plants. He advertised “repairs, blacksmithing, carpentry,and saddlery as well as sale or exchange of horses and motor vehicles and catering for drovers, bagmen and other travelers.

In the early 1950’s Adels Grove Complex was accidently burnt out from a fire that escaped from one of the small mining ventures to the south. By this time Albert was in his 70’s and having lost so much of his work of the past 20 odd years succumbed to a great depression and broken spirit. He was eventually taken to a home in Charters Towers where he died in 1959, aged 75. This morning Steve and I and a wallaby ate Albert’s Mangos fallen off the tree a couple of days ago when a branch broke off due to the heavy weight of the mangos. Thank You Albert! M

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