What do we see on the road?

qld outback sign
Welcome to outback QLD. Notice the dead kangaroo under the sign. There were thousands as we drove along. We had to drive around them on the road.
Big fluffy cumulus clouds that don’t rain.
storm is coming
Except when there is a storm coming. We drove into this one and got a car and caravan wash.
charleville farm dump point
We stayed on this farm outside Charleville and this was the caravan toilet dump point. We were not sure if you were supposed to sit on that toilet. We could have, as nobody was there but us. It was a lovely property to camp on. $10 a night to the farmer
auguthella yurt
Spiegle tent meets the outback shed. It made us homesick for our yurt. It is the local hall and has a canvas top and all the windows open. Would love to have seen something inside. Auguthella QLD
ghost railway station
This railway closed down in the 1980’s and this town(Girilambone) between Dubbo and Bourke slowly died as a result. It has a population of about 40 now with one sad looking pub and a shop. We camped in the CWA park in town on our first night for a $5 donation and we also had dinner at the pub to support it. Very interesting talking to the owners and their teenage son about what life was like out there. No rain for 2 years until a few weeks ago. Animals dying, farms in decline. Mostly sheep and goats and mining out this way.



cunnamulla fella
Famous statue in Cunnamulla
cattle in a road train
Brahman cattle in a road train. Poor things. They are the breed most seen out here as they are drought tolerant and tick resistant.
auguthella pub
The only hotel in Auguthella was the pool hall, cafe, caravan park, motel, bottle shop, bar and the manager was SO friendly. He had moved out from Hervey bay to turn this place into the hub in town. The most gorgeous small town we have seen so far!
keddie at the water hole
The “Keddie” on its first rough road. We forgot to take the electronic stability control off and it kept throwing the caravan brakes on to stop us. It was happy after we disconnected it though and keddie went well after that. A very hot lunch stop but with ice in our drinks.
cow versus car
A lot of unfenced properties here, so you see these signs. The cattle seem to love to play in the road. As you come up to them they prance away like they are dancing with all their bits dangling. There are a lot of things that bob up and down on a Brahman. It looks funny but hard to get on film.

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