Extra day at Adel’s Grove

Well we were supposed to leave but when the owner offered us 2 free nights it was just the excuse we needed to stay on. We were up at 6am and drove down to the Nat Park for the only walk we still had not done, which took you up onto the Constance range for great views over the surrounding area and down into the gorge. We had a cup of tea up there and our ham and cheese bfast wraps. We were the only people there today. The whole gorge was ours! We had a quick dip after the walk and then headed back here. I collected some more Mangos off the big tree, fighting the wallaby for them. These I am ripening on the gas tanks. We have been here too long parked under the trees and have had to get the generator out. Steve then took one of our sleeping mats onto the creek with half an oar as a paddle and his mask and snorkel. I got the uke out but it is not happy in this heat. I cant seem to keep it to stay tuned and my hands are too sweaty to play. M

Bower bird bower seen on our walk this morning. Note the plastic hand grenade

Steve heading into the creek and napping after his exertions

Our generator and mango ripening station

view over the gorge constance range walk

View from the top of the Constance Range. The green strip you can see is the Gorge

steve making tea constance range walk
Tea anyone?
Maddy and Steve at Lawn Hill
upper gorge lookout

2 thoughts on “Extra day at Adel’s Grove

  1. HI Shaz, Steve said if you hold your mouse over each bird it tells you what they are. No barra for dinner. It was Sunday say we got a Lamb roast


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