Wild-life & extra day at Adels Grove

Last night the owner offered us two extra nights for free in appreciation of our already long stay, so we have decided to stay on for an extra day.    So I thought I’d use this opportunity to mention some of the wild life we have been seeing around here.

Steve has been keeping a bird list, which we will attach as a separate site to the main page (so far we are up to 52 species of birds seen on the trip).   Here is a set of photos of some of the birds we have seen

Aside from birds, agile wallabies and some big red kangaroos, much off the wildlife at Lawn Hill Gorge is under the water.    The archer fish are particularly interesting.   We had an opportunity to feed them the other day.    The process involves dangling a limb with a fly over the side of the boat near the fish (there is no shortage of flies) and waiting for the fish to spit some water at the fly.     The sequence below shows a fish trying to get the fly on my thumb.  You can see the fly knocked off and splashes in the last photo.

The clear water also allows you to see plenty of other fish: barramundi, coal grunter and something that looks rather link a long tom that we normally see in the sea.      Also there are plenty of turtles and although there are supposedly freshwater crocodiles around, we have never seen any.   S

freshwater longtom

Turtles and Archer fish

Adels Grove underwater


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