NOV 11 On the road to Karumba

We left Adels Grove and Lawn Hill Gorge reluctantly but were excited about what we would see next. Once we left the dirt we stopped for a dip at the Gregory River which has a beautiful free camp spot on the side of the river. We didn’t camp there but stopped to wash the red dust off the solar panels. A light dust cover can reduce their efficacy by 40%. I know I told Sue and Leoni I was NOT going to have to do any housework for 12 months. I didn’t know you have to keep your solar panels clean! We cleaned them by pumping water from the Gregory River into a hose and hosing them clean. It was a fun housekeeping job. Afterwards we got in up steam and rode the rapids back to the caravan.

Maddy washing caravan in Gregory River

Another house keeping job is the toilet cartridge empty which is a once every 1 or 2 weeks job. It has been a lot easier and pleasant than I had thought to deal with. Steve does this and I am in charge of the grey water tank. Everywhere out here it is easy to find a dump point. Most towns have them if you are bush camping or free camping you use these. Every caravan park has them also.


toilet instructions

We left the Gregory River and headed up to the gulf. We had not planned to go up here and with the wet about to arrive any time thought we would miss it, but then changed our mind. Daphne said we HAD to go to Karumba. Daphne used to be my boss and I still feel like I have to obey her! She is a great traveler too! We headed first to Burketown. We stopped briefly for a Barramundi Burger. Barra is my favorite fish and this is the place for them. It was HOT and the place was like a ghost town. There was only one take away place open. It was run by some nice Filipino guys. I asked one if I could use their toilet when I could not see one. They got a bit funny then and told me I could use the toilet out the back but there were snakes back there. I really needed to go so I went back there anyway(a very messy area with a lot of places for snakes to hide). I made A LOT of noise to scare them and used the cubicle with the door open just in case one came out of from somewhere and I had to run. Once I came back into the cafe they proceeded to show me photos of all the big poisonous and non poisonous snakes that had been found back there. A child was nearly bitten no long ago and they didn’t like people to go back there.

burketown sign

The only thing to see in Burketown was the old Artesian bore. It was sunk last century and has been gushing into the air since then. The wetlands caused by the water were a haven for birds and Steve was pretty happy. The mineral colours and built up minerals around the bore was interesting.

burketown artestian bore
artesian bore Burketown

Savanah way distance sign

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