What we saw on the road Lawn Hill Gorge to Karumba on the gulf of Carpentaria

Lawn Hill to Karumba
A small distance on the map, but still over 10 hours of driving


Bull with geelong
monster brahman playing on the road jiggling away
truck on the road
very small truck making dust
burke and wills camp
We stopped at one of Burke and Wills last camps and inspected the blazed trees from last century. It was SOOO Hot. I was wilting!


The big Crocodile and the big Barra at Normanton. The Croc was the biggest ever killed and is in the guiness book. It was killed by a woman, back in the bad old days.

road train wheel check


Road train driver checking his tires. We are NOT passing him moving.


We stopped at Leichardt Falls at a free camp right next to the falls and the road. We had passed only one car on the road that day so we thought there would be no traffic in the night, so we camped the night there.

leichhardt falls camp

It was a bird magnet like all areas of water in the outback. Unfortunately we were now close enough to the coast to need to worry about crocs. Proper crocs, salties. There was no more jumping into the water and it was hot. 38deg was our hottest day so far and we couldn’t get in the water so I was less impressed with the place than Steve. I think we had it too good at Lawn Hill! I took a photo of the sign and then compared this with the end of the dry season reality. M


We did manage to find a rock pool higher up that was filled with water. Not the most beautiful water going but when you are hot you get in just about anything! Just in case a croc had managed the epic climb up to this hole, that you could not see the bottom of, I just splashed myself until I was cool. M

On the road from Normanton to Karumba we could smell the sea before we could see it. The wetlands as you arrive closer and closer to Karumba are full of birds. I will let Steve put his photos on as his are better. He bought a new camera for this trip with a better telephoto.

We booked 2 nights at the sunset caravan park at Karumba point right across the street from the beach. There are 112 free spots at the park. Only 3 sites taken. The population of Karumba is 600 now. In the winter it is 4000 with all the fishing tourists. The season is over and all the businesses close down and everyone has their boats pulled out of the water. This place is only the map only for the Barramundi and the prawn industry both commercial and recreational. You are not allowed to fish Barra at the moment as they give them a break so they can spawn. We visited the very interesting new $11 million dollar Barramundi Center. It told the story of Karumba it’s people and the life of the fish.

high and dry
I think the captain lives on his boat on and off the water!

You CAN still catch a Barra at the centre. Interesting architecture of the building. It was brand new but still had green frogs in the toilets! It is so hard to use a toilet when you think there is a cute frog in there somewhere below you!



Desert flowers that grown in creek beds and a flowering tree and tropical frangipani

The beach is littered with shells. No easy place to swim here. Crocs or stingers. We swim in the pool here. Very nice sunsets over the ocean.

Whimbrel sunset at karumba
Karumba Sunset with Eastern Curlew


We really like Karumba and have booked 2 nights here but will extend that another 2 nights. I have no working phone here. I have not had a phone that works since Winton 1.5 weeks ago. I opted for cheap Telstra. Thankfully Steve has next G Telstra and this works in most towns. My computer battery is about to die. The free WiFi at this place only works at the restaurant but there is no place to plug in here so I better sign out and charge up back at the caravan. M

Norman River Sunset
With all we had heard about Karumba, and with a river called Norman, we had to visit. And it was definitely worthwhile

6 thoughts on “What we saw on the road Lawn Hill Gorge to Karumba on the gulf of Carpentaria

  1. Hi Glenda. Thanks for following us. I will be adding some more photos to this post in the next few hours so have another look later on. Steve


    1. HI Helen, We are. At least I am. Steve likes to walk a bit too close to the waters edge for me. We did see our first one on a creek yesterday. It was only a small one and it was a freshie but exciting nonetheless. Photo to come. Had our hottest day today. 44deg. It was still 38deg at 8pm here in Winton tonight. The inside of the van was 42deg after a day of driving today. Aircon is taking a beating. Bye for now


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