Karumba to Winton via Julia Creek

Karumba to WintonWe headed back out on the road excited about what we would be seeing that was new. There are people that think the outback is all just the same and a boring dry mostly flat place with nothing in it. We think there is so much to see. There is always something on the road or the road side or not far off to look at as we drive along or stop along the road. We are still seeing very little traffic. These vehicles are mostly road trains or the odd farmers ute.

The road trains tend knock our towing mirrors sideways so we must stop and fix them. Thankfully that is not so many times a day on these roads. The other nice thing about these lonely roads is when you eventually do pass someone they usually wave to you. If you are stopped on the side of the road they will stop to ask if everything is OK. It’s just what you do out here. Imagine that in the city. The roads we were driving on these 2 days looked like this…..

dev rd 1
Wills developmental road

We are not sure why they calls these roads “developmental” roads. They are very under-developed. As you can see they are only one car wide (or caravan). The soil around here is clay so the shoulders are mostly soft. Remember the sign above that shows what you have to do if you pass a road train! We did not want to have to pull totally off the road. Luckily we didnt pass one on one of these segments. In fact utes were pulling off for us. Such good manners out here!

Things we saw on the road

This is our first feral animal road kill of a wild pig. These are causing huge problems in the bush and the national parks. We saw this one in such a dry area though. Nowhere near anything the least bit wet. There are a lot of emus on the edges of the farms on the other side of the fence usually. This one had 3 chicks.

This Big Red Kangaroo needs to be very careful when jumping over fences – for obvious reasons. S

We also had a kangaroo start to run while on the side of the road while we were driving past. It was on the opposite side of the fence and it jumped at 40kms an hour for a very long time. It was amazing to see. It looked a bit skinny and not look like it should not be running, poor thing. Who knows where it would get it’s next water from out here?

I usually drive from Breakfast to lunch with one stop and Steve does the afternoon. I kept stopping so many times taking photos of termite mounds Steve suggested I have a section JUST for termite mounds. He was joking of course as he cannot see what I see in termite architecture because they have NO WINGS, but I find them quite entertaining. Please look out for the termite section once it is finished and you will see what I mean. They have personality.

We got to Julia Creek just in time to throw on our swimmers and jump into the town pool. It was 6pm and 38deg still. The town pool was gorgeous and there was nobody there. It had  2 water slides so Steve and I tried out the water slides, did a lap or 2, slid on the slides again trying to find the best way to get the fastest ride. I hit my head(I think they made these for kids) and Steve took some skin off his shoulder. I think I was screaming too much as they kicked us out 30min before official closing. We were the only people that used this gorgeous pool that day. We headed back to the caravan park for something a bit special. This place had private artesian baths that faced out onto  cow paddocks and the creek and they did a cheese platter/artesian bath combo. It was really a different and lovely experience. At first it felt a bit weird eating in the bath and then it was just lovely. That was our dinner it was so substantial and it was only $12.50 each.

After the sun went down we watched the moon rise over the paddocks and  with the open roof we could look up to the stars. Then as we walked back to the caravan we met these guys.

cane toad
cane toads-only a mother could love this one!

They were just hanging out eating all the crickets and other bugs hanging around the lights



2 thoughts on “Karumba to Winton via Julia Creek

  1. Hi Helen,

    Glad all is well with you both and Avalon. Steve is glad you are enjoying the birds as it is his passion at the moment. Life for him is one big twitch-a-thon at the moment! Wait until you see my termite mounds though. So glad to get news of the little yurt. M


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