Last day at Karumba

On our last day in Karumba we drove the 70kms to Normanton to have a look at the Mutton Hole wetlands for the birdlife. The wetlands are not very wet being the end of the dry season but there was still plenty to see at the permanent water holes. We sat under and hidden a bit in the trees on our camp chairs at the first water hole, where Birdman Steve photographed as many as he could. This water hole is right next to the main highway and the birds seem to be used to the traffic driving by. It is only when you stop and get out that they are a bit more unsure whether they want you around. At the second waterhole we needed to stand on the car to see over the reeds and into the water where the birds hid from view. M

We crossed the Norman river which we thought was quite a good name and went into town to check out the old railway station where the Gulflander tourist train still runs once a week. It was a gorgeous old trainstation and we would have liked to take a trip on it. The station is a working station (once a week) and a museum the rest of the time and was free. It was a gorgeous little step back in time and we loved looking through all the old stuff- one of our favourite things to do. M

Norman River bridge

We also stopped to look at a free bush camp site next to Walker Creek and saw our first Croc. It was only small and only a “freshie” but still exciting. It was our first alive and in the wild on this trip. It submerged itself very quickly after it heard us, so were not able to get such a good photo. M


Freshwater crocodile at Walker creek

On our last evening we had dinner at the local fish cafe for the best Barramundi in town. We joined an interesting Dutch couple we met at the pool. The pool was the meeting place with everyone trying to cool off in the 38deg. Everyone was 4 groups in a park that fit 100! We then headed down to the beach to watch the sunset and watch literally hundreds of thousands of bats fly from across the river on their nightly feed. M




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