Julia Creek to Winton

Julia Creek to Winton was more open and dry country than the day before and hotter. It got to 44deg C. It also had very few termite mounds to entertain me but great flat open big sky country. The highlight was stopping at the Combo Waterhole for lunch and then a walk. The Combo Waterhole is quite a historic place. The farm it is on was bought by the Qld National Parks and it is now a day use area. It is an 8km drive from the main Rd and is just an old farm rd and unpaved. The combo waterhole was a cob and co stagecoach/mail run stop last century. It was also the site of an incident where a shearer/swagman stole a sheep and jumped into a waterhole after being chased by police and drowned. I think you know the song inspired by these events. Banjo Patterson penned his poem not long after this and the music was written by the wife of a station owner near Winton. This was combo waterhole. Only problem was is was a 3km walk from the carpark at 130pm in 44degC. M

combo sign
Combo waterhole sign. Jane do you recognise something in this photo?

Steve and I were both really keen to see it though, so we got in the caravan shower fully dressed and saturated our self/clothes hats etc. The water in the tanks was by this time almost too hot to stand but once you went outside we both felt quite cool. We walked with a lot of water and we were both dry pretty quickly. Cows had broken through a fence from the a joining property and there was a bit too much cow poo around for me to get in the waterhole so I splashed myself till I was wet and sat under the “Coolibah tree”. It was much too hot to “boil a billy”. The cow poo did not stop Steve from this historic swim and the whole time he was in there the cows complained from the shore. I think they thought it was theirs. There were some interesting rock bridges across the different creek beds on the walk out that were built last century and were still going strong. MWaltzing Matilda Sign

combo water
combo water hole


Old stone “shot overs”
steve swim combo
Steve having a dip
This is what the car navigator said on the dirt rd out to the waterhole. We laughed because it wasn’t that bad by Aussie standards

We have had some funny things happening with the car navigator which we don’t really use much, preferring real maps. We were in the middle of nowhere looking for a free camp area on the side of the road, along a dry creek bed to stop for lunch. We found it by ourselves and then after we left it the navigator showed a town with about 6 streets that was not there and had never been there as far as we could tell. There was nothing around for hundreds of Km’s. I felt like an X-file. M

2 thoughts on “Julia Creek to Winton

  1. HI Helen, No but you would not have been able to hear the swagman’s ghost over the noise of the cows bellowing. Steve sort of chased them out of ‘their’ waterhole to have a swim. They were NOT happy. We just heard of the rain in Sydney. Hope all is well up there. You were complaining about having to water not long ago! Maddy


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