Blackall continued then on to Tambo

Inside Woolscour
inside the working wool scour
Woolscour yards
The sheep yards
The lawn mower
old caravan
What our caravan may look like in a year if we keep taking it down the worst roads.
A hot sheep trying to stay cool under the tree
steam engine
The oven that ran the steam engine- think of the pizza’s they could get in there now!


wool scourer 2
Wool washing machine

Above are photos taken at the Blackall Wool Scour. It is Blackall’s drawcard and quite interesting and on beautiful grounds at the edge of town.

world record holder
Blackall’s other claim to fame is Jackie Howe who is the world record holder from 1892 for shearing the most sheep in a day(237) with blade shears.  He has never never been beaten!

We then went on to the next town which is Tambo. We came here as it is close to one section of the Carnarvon National park. Tambo is most famous for the Tambo Teddy Bear which is sent all over the world. We went in to have a look and there were 2 woman in the shop both on sewing teddies on sewing machines in the front of the shop. A third was getting an order ready to go to Florida. Once she filled her little trolley with bears packaged in individual boxes, she wheeled it down the street to the post office to post them. The teddies are gorgeous little things of a very high quality. The company was started to help stimulate business in this little town and to help the wool industry by making Teddy Bears made and stuffed with wool! M


Above is the shop and Mr and Mrs Stockman Bear.

Other nice things around Tambo were the old post office. I noticed it was up for sale and went inside to have a look and design(in my mind) a house out of the building. I told the lady behind the counter what I was doing and she said you don’t have to, as it comes with a 3 bedroom house, do you want to have a look? Her husband the old stockman complete with hat, then showed us through their home. It was very interesting and with lovely bones to it huge high ceilings and tongue in groove walls.  I then realised that they were showing us through as they thought we might buy it! He told us if you buy the building you buy the Australia Post business, the school bus run, the weather reporting once a day, the parcel delivery, the laundry and proceeded to tell us how much you made from each business. I felt more and more guilty with each section of the house he showed us through. They were an lovely older couple that just wanted to retire and I was a nosy city slicker obsessed with an old building. You just meet nice people all over the place out here and everyone will stop for a chat. M

postoffice cute
Tambo post office complete with 3 bedroom house, 2 room workshop, sheds, fenced , 1/2 acre block for $400. I want to move it to Avalon and would start the renovation when we get back! M

The galah above was with a pack of galahs in a tree and they were all panting it was so hot at 42deg. The Tambo truck is an art installation in town. Tambo council loves Bottle trees and so do we. They are everywhere here. Down the centre of the rd, in the parks and in everyone’s garden. You HAVE to have bottle tree here. Below is one decorated for xmas.  M

Tambo christmas tree
Tambo’s main street was lined with bottle trees and at this tip of year decorated for xmas

2 thoughts on “Blackall continued then on to Tambo

  1. Steve went for a walk this morning and stopped into the post office to tell the couple we had decided against buying the post office, just in case they had hopes. So I feel less guilty today.



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