Taroom to Isla Gorge lunch- Biloela Motel-Mt Larcom Climb to Agnes Water and Town of 1770. Lady Musgrave Island.

We left Ken’s camp near Taroom later in the day after a relaxing morning by the river. We were heading towards the coast as we were not able to go to Carnarvon Gorge National park due to the fire closures there. We followed the blue route below.

Taroom to agnes water

We stopped for lunch at Isla Gorge for lunch and did the walk out to the lookout with views down into the gorge. M

Isla Gorge
Isla gorge lunch

On the way we were forced to pull over for an oversize load with the full police escort. It was some kind of mining equipment.

Fat truck
The first truck took up most of the road but the second took up the whole road and boy did that digging shovel thing on the second truck wobble as it went past!

We then headed to the town of Biloela for a night in a motel and a pub dinner. Our first night outside the caravan and not in the tent. Not so exciting, but nice to have clean feet for the evening. We headed the next morning to Mt Larcom and stayed in a caravan park that had just had one of the recent fires come right into the park, but not damage much and just missed the owner’s house. We could see Mt Larcom from the caravan and we went the next day to climb it. M

Mt Larcom Caravan Park
Mt Larcom view camp
Mt Larcom trail start
The sign to scare you off
Mt Larcom and Maddy
On the trail with my walking stick (a grass tree spear) as I forgot my real one.
Mt Larcom Passionfruit
Wild passionfruit flower
Mt Larcom Butterfly
These followed us on the trail.
Mt Larcom view
The view from the top- Gladstone is visible in the distance.

We headed towards the coast stopping in Miriam Vale at the Big Crab for some more Barramundi for lunch!

big crab

We then headed on to Agnes Water and the town of 1770 where Captain Cook stopped in 1770! For this reason they call it the birthplace of QLD. We had been through here a few years ago and really liked it. We decided we couldn’t handle the beach front caravan park we had booked and so got a camp spot on someone’s 5  acre property just out of town. It was a lovely spot and best of all quiet and private. The couple and their 2 children bought the 5 acres, 3 and a half years ago and had moved a gorgeous old house to the property and then fixed it up. They raved about living there having been in Brisbane before. We still love 1770, so much so we were looking at real estate. The people we met there were also encouraging us to buy a house or property and leave Sydney and the rat race. We will see. You can get an amazing house here, with turtles laying eggs on your beach out the front for less than the price of our unit in Cremorne! (and if you are willing to forgo beachfront, but still have wide ocean views on 2000 square metres we could get that for half the price of our unit -S),  Tempting. Shame there is no work for us. M

The next day we headed into the Eurimbula Nat park to put the folding boat into middle creek. We spent the day exploring the mangroves up this tidal creek.

box crane
Steve’s homemade crane to get the box off the roof (the box weighs about 40kg, so the crane avoids the need to find a few blokes to help with the job)

steve and the crane

engine box
Pandora’s box

guppy on middle creek

middle creek mangroves
It might be overcast, but it was pretty hot and humid.
guppy folded
The boat looks sad all folded up.
pied oyster catcher
oyster catcher
Brahminy Kite
Brahminy kites
Brahminy Kite take off
Taking off – he’s had enough of us.
Maddy looking for shells
Lots of nice shells
Lunch in the mangroves
lunch under a mangrove tree

We also did a few walks around 1770 and Agnes Water

Steve on the red rock walking track
Turtle slides
Turtle slide with the egg chamber in foreground


Loggerhead Turtle
Loggerhead Turtle near the shore – probably checking out a beach to visit to lay eggs.


Wallaby eating in the shade of a pandanus.
Agnes paperbark walk
Paperbark walk Agnes Water
1770 sunset
Sunset from 1770
Maddys 1770 vies
1770 harbour
Steves 1770 view
1770 on the ocean beach side
cap cook 2
Cook’s memorial
larc tour
Backpackers on the Larc tour

The last day we got a fishing charter boat out to Lady Musgrave Island. It was 2.5 hours on a small boat to go 50kms off shore. I was drugged to the hilt on Kwells, which kept me a bit subdued, but did the job. It was a beautiful Island fully surrounded by coral reef and a nice a calm lagoon that you can get boats into and protected. The coral was beautiful and in very good condition with this area  of the reef being in good condition. The visibility of the water was very good and water temp 24deg. The Island is a migrating sea bird paradise and also very active with sea turtles laying eggs at the moment. There is only a composting toilet out there. No water. It is a national park and 40 people at a time can camp there with a volunteer “host” out there at all times. It is closed for a number of months during the turtle hatching season-which starts in about 6 wks from now. We saw a number of different birds out there but mainly terns. It was an amazing trip.

leaving for lady musgrave

Common Noddy and chick
common noddy and chick

Noddys in the path

Dying Noddy chick
This is a dying chick. It has fallen from the Pisonia tree the birds roost in. The tree drops stuff that is covered in sticky sap which traps the birds and they die a horrible death. There were thousands  birds in the trees and dozens of on the ground dying all around us. Even the adults were dying if they got stuck in this stuff. They came back to roost in these same trees each year despite the risk!
Eastern Reef Egret and Rail
eastern reef egret and buff banded rail
Lady Musgrave campsite
Camping area on Lady Musgrave Island
Bridled tern and chick
Bridled Tern with chick in a hollow tree stump

Lady Musgrave Beach

Black tipped Reef Shark in shallows
black tipped reef shark in the shallows
Turtle tracks on Lady Musgrave
A very strange turtle slide. It could not find the right place to lay it’s eggs and was going all over the place.


Black Naped Tern
Black Naped Tern

Underwater the reef was still in good condition as the southernmost Great Barrier Reef has escaped the coral bleaching that has killed much of the reef to the north.   And of course there were plenty of coloured fish to see.   We caught a glimpse of a white tipped reef shark, but surprisingly – no turtles.  S


Maddy snorkel at LM
Gorgeous reef, gorgeous fish and gorgeous wife


2 thoughts on “Taroom to Isla Gorge lunch- Biloela Motel-Mt Larcom Climb to Agnes Water and Town of 1770. Lady Musgrave Island.

  1. Yes Glenda, isn’t the crane great. Funnily, you cant buy anything to get these boxes off a car so Steve had to invent one. Good having an engineer in the house. Maddy


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