To Noosa, then on to the Big Smoke

Unfortunately the weather was not playing ball and while our intention is to drive away from bad weather, we had to be in Brisbane on 18 December to have the caravan and car serviced.   As a result we decided to stop over in Noosa for 2 nights to avoid having to drive on Sunday when up to 200mm of rain was being forecast and to catch up with a friend who had done a caravan trip around Australia a couple of years back.

Agnes water to Brisbane

It also gave us an opportunity to relax, research some future places to visit and do some other admin tasks like booking for the Port Fairy music Festival that we plan to attend in early March.

We had a nice campsite in Noosa on someone’s acreage in the bush  which was a nice place to be in the rain  but have a look at our Brisbane campsite- Pine Rivers Showground. It was a culture shock for us as we have never had to be squashed in with other people on this trip until this camp. It was funny too as 2 other Kedron owners came up to talk caravans with Steve and admire our “solar Bra”. Seems this is the thing to do. M

pine creek show ground

Computer room
Makeshift office space (I didn’t bother putting on a tie)

To avoid cabin fever Maddy washed the car (in the rain), I found a nearby viewpoint to climb and we had to go for a brief look at Noosa’s beautiful sunny beach (not).

However, despite the weather, I did manage to spot two more species of bird

Now back in Brisbane, it’s a real shock to be in the big city with traffic, exhaust fumes etc.  We can’t wait for Kedron and Toyota to do what they need to do tomorrow so we can head back out into the countryside.   Steve

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