The Scenic Rim and Mt Maroon

We were glad to get away from Brisbane a bit earlier than expected, although we did  still get to experience a small taste of city rush hour traffic.    However we were soon off the Brisbane to Ipswich highway and onto some quiet roads and into some lovely green countryside surrounded by impressive mountains.

Brisbane to Mt Maroon

The area is known as “The Scenic Rim” which is perhaps a more imaginative alternative to the Gold Coast Hinterland and it certainly doesn’t resemble the Gold Coast in any way.  Our camp for the next 4 nights was on a private farm on 160 acres on the edge of a national park and it was great to have a place to ourselves after the hustle of Brisbane.  Although $33 per night for just a patch of ground to park a caravan, the location was spectacular (see below).

On the first day we set of to climb the mountain behind our camp site – Mt Maroon.  This is in Mt Barney national park where we also spent the next two days exploring Cronan Waterfall and the Lower Portal (which Maddy will write about soon)

Mt Barney National Park Map

The national park website describes it as a 5 to 6 hour walk and goes crazy with warnings about how dangerous it is.    However after walking a few minutes we met a person coming back down who told us that the walk is more like 2 to 3 hours.    While it isn’t too hard there was unfortunately one slightly exposed bit which put Maddy off.   I continued on and because we had planned to make a day of it, took my time and probably managed to make it take 5 hours in the end with plenty of stops to look at birds, the views and a swim in a little creek up near the summit.

As far as danger is concerned, there was one steep gully where there is potential for someone up ahead to knock off a rock so I guess they had to put up a sign to cover themselves, but it all seemed rather over the top.

However the walk (although shorter than expected) is great.   It goes through varied terrain and vegetation and ends with a wonderful view of Mt Lindesay, Mt Barney and the surrounding area.

Maddy on Mt Maroon
Maddy ascending Mt Maroon – shortly before it got a bit exposed.
Hovering fly on Mt Maroon
A remarkable hovering fly – it kept dead still for the picture!
Cute bird 2
A cute little Brown Thornbill at the stream near the summit
Mt Maroon top of gully
Looking back down the steep dangerous gully
Mt Maroon panarama 1
Summit panorama: Mt Lindesay and Mt Barney on the right (zoom into this image for more detail – like the butterfly between these peaks)
Mt Maroon panarama 2
Summit panorama: Mt Barney on the left
View of campsite from Mt Maroon
Looking back down the route.  The steep dangerous gully is to the left of the knoll in the middle.  Our camp site is circled to the right.
Splash pool on Mt Maroon
A nice pool for a cooling dunk on the way back down – just big enough to get fully submerged.

Once back at the camp there was time to explore the place we were staying.   Saw a few birds and heard a Koala (but did not manage to find it).  S


3 thoughts on “The Scenic Rim and Mt Maroon

    1. Yes Helen. It looks bad and the trail did go straight up but I quite like a trail that just gets on with it and gets you to where you want to go faster with too much meandering. It was only the exposure that stopped me. I have gotten to 15min from the top of so many mt’s with Steve it’s not funny! M


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