The Scenic Rim continued

We loved our camp at the base of Mt Maroon so much after just one night in Brisbane and all the rain in Noosa, that we stayed 4 nights. The owner of the property was named Stephen King and was a bit of a larakin. He and his wife Wendy had big plans for the property. They were building a pretty little cabin on a hill on the property that took advantage of their wonderful views to rent out to guests. After Mt Maroon we did 2 more walks over the next 2 days also in Mt Barney national park, but these were more my type of walks. Steve had planned to climb Mt Barney but it was a big day 7-8 hours and hard and the next 2 days were 37 and 42 deg. Because of this we opted for walks that would lead us to water. Mt Barney National Park is a world heritage area due to the unusual flora and fauna and remnant rain forest in the park.

Day 2 we did the 12km walk to Cronan Falls. It was a very varied and beautiful walk even without the pool at the end. The pool/waterfall really was perfect with rainforest all around but also with a  perfect amount of sunlight coming through the trees to light the pool. After 6 kms walking in 37-38deg it was a sight and felt like heaven to cool off in. Usually nobody walks on such hot days and we thought we’d have the place to ourselves but we had to share “our” pool (for 30 min) until the gen y’ers got bored. They spent a lot of time on their phones while they were there. It was then all ours! Take a look. M

mt barney sign 2
The over the top, scare them off the walking in QLD, sign
Maddy at Mt Barney sign
Mt Barney peaking out from the trees
Lace Monitor
A metre long lace monitor on the trail pretending we couldn’t see him
Walk to Cronan Falls
Rainforest on the trail
Maddy at Cronan falls
A dream water hole
Cronan falls warning sign
We did dive (once we checked the depth) and we lived despite the cold water!
mt lindsey
Mt Lindasay was another lovely peak to see on the trail
lunch cronin creek
A swim, then a wrap, then a cup of tea, then a nap, then another swim anyone?

The next day was going to be 42deg followed by a thunder storm, so we did another waterfall rock pool. This walk to Lower Portals was to a waterfall rockpool. The walk was not as nice as the day before but the water hole in this gorge was stunning and we had it to ourselves for a lot of the 4 hours we stayed there. We waited until it was clouding over for the hot walk out, after jumping in fully clothed. The storm started about 45min before we reached the car and the rain cooled us off. The thunder grumbled away and it was an exciting drive home. I didn’t get much sleep that night with the sound and light show going on outside the van. The next day we headed south west and out of the wet weather predicted for the area. M

Lower Portals downward dog
It has been too hot on this trip to do too much yoga stretching so I get it in where I can.
Lower Portals sun
Lower portals pool

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