On the road again and heading south to the Alps

We have really enjoyed our time back in Avalon Beach. The yurt is small but feels huge compared to the caravan, especially since we live mostly outdoors! It will be good to hit the road again too and discover some new areas of Australia and visit some we wanted to spend more time at on previous trips. We are heading south to the Australian Alps.

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mist over barrenjoey head
A weird sea  mist came in one very warm day and stayed the whole day
red wattlebird
Steve even managed to find a new bird on the skyline walk- Red wattle bird

We have had a lovely time in Avalon over the Xmas holidays. People may beg to differ, but we think there is no better time than summer on the beaches. It’s the only time the water is warm enough for me. We have spent our time here catching up with people and just relaxing. There have been lunches and afternoon teas here on the veranda, as well as dinners out with friends. There have been a couple of trips out in the boat, some early morning and late afternoon swims, before and after the crowds. Steve took the surf board out as much as possible and worked on his new found sport and I have had the boogie board out a couple of times too. Some days have been spent in our swimmers all day. Steve even managed to get in a rock climb in at Barrenjoey with the girls. M

rock climbing view
D made it to the top for a fantastic view of Pittwater !

rock climbing 1

rock climbing 2
M on belay for Steve
rock climbing 3
Steve lead climbing and showing his new leaner climbing style!

We spent 2 days out on the water. One day we went over to Elvina Bay and did a bush walk up to a swimming hole/waterfall. The next time we put the boat in at Akuna Bay and went to see a waterfall at Refuge Bay and then went exploring in the area finding a gorgeous little beach called Cottage Rock with a fresh water shower, where Steve made a cup of tea on one of the rocks.

elvina falls pool
Another perfect swimming hole at the top of the falls Elvina Bay
elvina falls bottom
Elvina Bay falls from the bottom
elvina falls view
Looking out from the top just below the pool. We put the boat in across on the other side of the bay.
cottage rock jelly
The water was full of jelly fish. We wondered if we were chopping some of them up as we motored along!
cottage rock maddy shower
I loved the spring fed fresh water shower
cottage rock with steve
Cottage rock beach with the “guppy” folding boat and Steve doing a snorkel

cottage rock shower and boatCottage Rock beach complete with fresh water shower. Someone (naughty as it’s national park)  funneled water than ran off a rock into a pipe and now there is a fresh water shower to rinse off in, right on the beach. I love it! This was my ideal beach! Calm, warm water and a shower! M


refuge bay waterfall pool
Steve in the water hole at the top of the falls at Refuge bay
from refuge bay waterfall
The view looking down.  I am the tiny person waving up at Steve.
refuge bay waterfall
Refuge Bay falls with the water hole up the top


We have also done a heap of work in our garden, which has been growing like a weed with all the rain in the area while we were away. We harvested some of the bananas which were small but tasted good. I have also been helping my neighbor to clean up a council green area up the street, in an effort to make our street more beautiful. It is getting there slowly. I feel guilty not being around this year to be of more help. M

yurt banana
Is this the worlds smallest banana?
lumberjack 2
Lumberjack Steve
lumberjack 1
Just a little pruning

Thankfully our lovely neighbors saved “their” car spot on the street for us, so we could park the caravan close by, as we don’t have a driveway to put in on. It has enabled us to do some little changes to a few things on the van and made it easier for cleaning and packing. They also let us fill our water tanks with their hose. Steve was going to have to fill them from 20lt jugs and a pump otherwise, so we were very grateful for this!Thanks so much H and I!!

We also did a bit of repair work on the yurt. Steve replaced the rotting handrail and some other bits of wood on the stairs. Just have to get around to painting these one day. I did  some repairs to the home made sky light blinds. But mostly it was fun. It’s back on the road now though after this lovely hiatus. We just watched the “Man from Snowy River” films 1 and 2, because Steve had never seen them. Now were are excited about heading to the Alps. See you on the road! M

6 thoughts on “On the road again and heading south to the Alps

  1. Always good to go back home and keep up the repairs and garden, so it will never be a major problem if left unattended for months. Refuge Bay looks super and the pictures stunning. I too think Cottage Rock beach is awesome, just feel it calling me. Enjoy and I look forward to your next blog. Glenda


  2. Blowering Dam a fake lake?
    What about the beautiful new parapet wall and spillway. It’s a thing of engineering beauty!!!
    Without it, we wouldn’t be able to blow the crap out of the Tumut River with all those high flow releases.


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