Blue Waterholes and Nicole and Clarke Gorges.

We went down to Blue Waterholes campground to check it out and do some walks. This is where we had planned to camp originally. The people at the park office said we shouldn’t take a caravan down the steep rd in, but we saw that we could have. We are glad that we didn’t though, as the campground was so full of school holiday campers. It was too busy and noisy for us and some people had even brought their dogs in despite the fact that is was a national park.  Some people have no respect for native wildlife.

blue waterholes
Blue water hole spring with clear freezing cold water!

From this area we were able to do 2 gorge walks. The first was Nicole Gorge and it was a lovely and varied walk through a gorge full of fossils. Hard to believe this was once a sea floor but here were the fossils of shells, sea lilys and corals. There was also Murray cave to be explored. This was a former spring and about 200mt long. At the end of this is a deep pool which reaches the roof of the cave. Past this  pool the cave continues for a further 300mts but you would have to swim underwater to get past it. We stopped at the pool and Steve actually got in for a dip. It was a pitch black cave with freezing cold clear water and he got in it!!!

Murray Cave

When this cave was first shown to white man by the aboriginals it was full of fine formations, but “drayloads” of stalagmites were removed last century by visitors/vandals. My torch died so we had one proper torch between us to light the way. The cave did still have some impressive formations to see. The last bit of the walk climbed out of the gorge through open plains covered with different types of snow gums and mountian gums our favourite tree being the Black Sallee. I have yet to get a good photo of these trees with the interesting black/green bark.


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daisy on nicoles gorge
Everlasting daisies were everywhere!

Clarke Gorge we did after lunch. It was a stunning gorge that followed Cave Creek which plunges  over a cliff into Wilkinson Gorge. The walk ended at the falls and involved many creek crossings. The rock walls were really stunning!  M

maddy in clark gorge
Entry to Clarke Gorge on Cave Creek
cave creek falls
Having a dip at the top of the falls
swim with brumbies
Steve having a dip in the cold end of cave creek with brumbies eating on the shore
clarke gorge 2
Clarke Gorge
cave creek swim
Steve having a dip in the warmer end of Cave Creek just above the falls.
clarke gorge
The trail crossed the creek in many places

One thought on “Blue Waterholes and Nicole and Clarke Gorges.

  1. The first pic of Blue water hole looks like a painting, beautiful. Of course Steve would jump in, never known him to miss that kind of opportunity. Go Steve Go.


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