Brumbies of Kosciuszko North National Park

I am torn between knowing these horses are not good for the environment up here and don’t really belong here and how very beautiful they are! We woke to find this group of horses right outside our window in the pasture in front of our view. They had probably been there overnight. I was sitting inside the caravan with the dining window wide open, so it was like a bird hide. The horses just kept getting closer and then the stallion just walked into camp! He got so close I could smell him and his horse flies were coming into the van! I wasn’t sure if he knew I was there and then he seemed to look straight at me!

horse 27
The Stallion!

He had 6 mares with him and 3 colts who spent their time laying down, playing together or feeding.

horse 29
Just look at the colouring of these two?

horse 3

horse 14
Love the furry coat and mohawk mane on this colt

horse 6horse 8

horse 42
The horse on the right is asleep!

horse 48horse 15horse 16


horse 45horse 44horse 39horse 36

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