Long Plain camp site and Gooandra Homestead

We woke in the middle of the night to hear Brumbies quite close by. In the moonlight you could see a horse munching on the grass right next to the car. We had heard that the brumbies could cause a bit of trouble in the middle of the night, so had put away our table and chairs just in case. In the morning they were long gone and you could only see them in the distance.

Today we walked the nine and half kms to Gooandra homestead-1913 leaving nice and early today, as it was going to be another hot day. It was all on fire trail but was still a nice undulating walk past old gold diggings from the short(18mth) gold rush here last century.

gooandra homestead
Gooandra homestead 1913

There wasn’t much left but the main house and this had been repaired extensively by a hut group. There was a lovely feel to the place sitting in the sunlight in the little clearing it was in. There is something about all that old wood that has a life of it’s own like modern materials just don’t. The horse flies are huge up here and so are the dandelions. Miles Franklin had a connection to this hut as the daughter of the son of one of the original inhabitants. M

We awoke the next morning at Long Plains Camp to find it overcast and cool and a group of 10 brumbies in the pasture just in front of the caravan. Steve went for a jog down to the Murrumbidgee river and I stole his camera and spent the next 2 hours taking photos of these gorgeous animals. It was so exciting seeing these gorgeous animals up close and comfortable being there. I took so many photos that these will have to be a blog of their own. Brumbies next!  M



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