Yarrangobilly Caves and Long Plains Hut

The next day we packed up and moved the caravan to a camp that was a bit closer to our next days trips for a change of scenery. Long plains camping area had a hut-1906 which was the newest and largest in the area. It was sometimes used as a dance venue as the rooms were some of the biggest in the region at that time. There was an area for people camping with horses and the normal camping area that had a beautiful view out over Long Plain.

longplain hut
Long Plain Hut 1906
long plain hut kitchen
How is this for a kitchen with a view? Steve is testing the new wind guards he made for our outdoor stove which work really well. Before we had them any bit of wind stopped us from cooking outside, which is the only way to cook when you have a view like that!

That evening we went down to the Murrumbidgee River not far from camp where it was a bit bigger and deeper. No leeches in this spot thankfully.maddy in the mighty murrumbidgee

The next day we headed to the Yarrangobilly Caves, which were not far away down the Snowy Highway. These caves leave Jenolan for dead, they are sooo much more impressive. There are a number of caves and we opted to see 2. We started in South Glory cave which was self guided. It had automated lighting that lit up as you walked through. It was in the low 30’s outside temp and about 8deg inside this cave. It took about 45 min to walk through and we were looking forward to coming out to warm up. Jersey cave was guided by a very funny older park ranger who kept us (and the kids) entertained throughout. It was a stunning cave filled with large and small rooms and covered in crystals and the most amazing amount of different coloured formations. The grounds around the caves were beautiful. There was Caves House accomodation built in built in 1901 and many big old Northern hemisphere trees probably planted at the same time. It smelled like Europe in the summer not Australia, but nice.

yarrangobilly tree

messy tree
Nice mountain gums with messy bark!


south glory cave entry 2
Large entry to South Glory Cave
south glory cave entry
That is me standing in the entry to North Glory with South Glory entry to the right.
south glory cave with maddy
Freezing in South Glory Cave. It looks like ice cream and felt like a freezer with a chilling wind blowing the stalactites into weird shapes. Quite other worldly! M
cave formation 3
stalactites and stalagmites in Jersey cave reflecting in a clear cold pool
cave formation 2
See the monkey on top of the wedding cake?
cave formation 1
Straw stalactites Jersey Cave

cave formation 5

cave formation 4
Iron from outside rocks leaking in to produce red formations.

After the caves we walked down to see the thermal pool they built on site with a 27c temp water all year long. This fed into the nearby Yarrangobilly River which we preferred to the pool.

thermal pool yarrangobilly

yarrangobilly river swim
Steve having a dip in the Yarrangobilly river. It’s 27deg where he is standing where the thermal water is coming in.


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