Candelo NSW

This one is for Mum, who was born in this little town. It is a small rural town nestled by Candelo creek and at the crossroads where coast meets the tablelands. It has also been designated an urban conservation area. It has some “famous” markets which have been featured in the good food guide. Looking at the old photos, it hasn’t changed much at least in feel. Trendies have moved in and fixed up some of the old buildings which has helped to make this town very cute. I had probably the best food I have had on this trip, at lunch in Candelo. You can even camp for free on the showground on the river though we were only driving through.

candelo 9
Old Candelo with just a foot bridge over the creek
candelo 10
Old Candelo from the 1920’s
candelo 3
Best cafe in town which is also the general store, fruit and veg shop, gift shop,hardware store, rural supplies and music venue!
candelo 6
The old town hall now a cafe
candelo 5
The original service station still going in the same place.

candelo 4

candelo 7
This one was yet to be restored but looked lovely on the main street
candelo 8
You still pull over on the main road to pump petrol and the petrol station had an antiques display with modern motor oil for sale next to antique tins of the same stuff on display all beautifully laid out. The prettiest petrol station ever!
candelo 2
The rural supply store had rural supplies and interesting antiques
candelo 1
The post office
candelo 14
The general store

candelo 13candelo 12candelo 11


All the old tins above were in the petrol station believe it or not. Minties were a “digestive”!?

2 thoughts on “Candelo NSW

  1. Sitting here having a gin and tonic after a day’s gardening. (Nothing new here!). Totally bugg#%#d and catching up on your adventures. Beautiful places and I never dreamed there were so many brumbies. The old huts in the National Park are amazing. Have fun.


  2. HI Helen,

    We are also having a little rum punch but no gardening this end. I hear you have really had the heat up there. Send some south I say! Yes a few too many brumbies.


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