Eden continued

We did a few walks near Eden in the National Parks both north and south of town. I used to live on Ben Boyd Road in Neutral Bay but I am only just getting to know who he was. Quite a colourful character. He set out from England in 1840 with 1 million pounds. At one time he was one of the largest land owners in Australia. A pastoralist, a whaler, a politician, owner of a shipping company and in the end bankrupt in 1847. Here is one of the things he spent his money on: Boyd Tower now in Bed Boyd National Park. Made from Sydney sandstone for use as a private light house but the council wouldn’t give him approval!!!! Nothing has changed with councils! It was used as a whale spotting tower instead.

boyd tower 2waiting for whales at tower sign

Do you think your name is big enough on the top Boyd??????He also began building a town with a huge house built to look like a Scottish castle and a huge church that never got dedicated or finished. He was very busy for 7 yrs!


We also went out to green Cape light house.

green cape light house closeup
It was built in 1883 but I thought it looked rather more modern. You could stay in the light house keepers cottage.
Green Cape Lighthouse
The new, the old and the keepers cottage.
Green cape light house
There’s the new light house on the left. It may be cheaper to run, but I know which one I prefer!
disaster bay from ben boyd nat park
Disaster Bay just south of the lighthouse.

We also did some walks in Bournda National Park north of Eden. The south coast has a fantastic coastline.

bournda lagoon walk
Bournda Lagoon Circuit





2 thoughts on “Eden continued

  1. I agree with you regarding the lighthouse. Amazing pic of the Eastern water dragon, how close were you to it?loved the Echidna and the two of you at Bay View.


    1. HI Glenda,
      The water dragon was on the trail. We had to shoo him off to keep going. The echidna was on the side of the road. We are just waiting to see a live wombat. M


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