Omeo- heading back to the Alps

We are heading back to the Alps, this time in Victoria. We came across this sign on the way on the Great Alpine Rd, but did not see any of these strange creatures. M

skiiing roo

We stopped the night in the old gold mining town of Omeo. We got free camping in a riverside park in town right across from the old gold diggings site which we had a look at the next morning. It was gold got by blasting the hill side with a water hose.When there wasn’t enough water they would dig caves into the hillside. The erosion is evident in many places near Omeo. It must have been an environmental catastrophe at the time with every tree cut down and mud everywhere, not to mention the state of the rivers and creeks.


Since we had free accommodation we paid for dinner at the pub. We went back to the park after dinner to try to spot the Platypus that live in the river there, but no such luck. We arrived in Omeo at 4pm on a weekday and it was like a ghost town. Most places were closed and there was not a person on the street. We were however greeted by these guys/girls all over town. M

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They are “Marty Art” made by sculptor Martin De Vries. We love finding this quirky kind of art in these small towns and on the road side.

Omeo has enough old buildings still in use to give it a nice feel, even though it has had some huge fires over the years that destroyed huge areas of town.

old omeo
Omeo 1890
new omeo
Omeo 2019


All of these old building from last century are still in use. A number of them for their original purpose like the post office, masonic hall and courthouse.

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