Mt Bogong- Victoria’s highest mountain

This is the lookout overlooking the township of Mt Beauty and surrounding mountains. We have come here to climb Mt Bogong. At 1986 meters it is Victoria’s highest. Bogong means “Big Fella” and you can see by the photos that it is! M

Bogong view from tawonga gap road

mt beauty with mt bogong
The tallest Mt on the left is Mt Bogong with Mt Beauty township in the valley

We are staying at a gorgeous u-camp farm. It is Mt Emu station at Tawonga which is quite close to the start of the trail, but it is also one of the nicest camps we have had. This is a working cattle and sheep farm with a few horses just to make it a bit more picturesque. There is a dam to swim in and a tap for us to connect to right in the paddock!  It is nice long hot showers both inside and out, at this camp. We have also been able to fill our tanks with pure mountain water and do a few loads of washing. While the sun shines we have plenty of power. We can’t hear a thing but birds! We are the only ones here. The perfect camp really! M

mt emu station 3
The view is lovely no matter where you look!
mt emu steve
Mt Emu Station

mt emu station

mt emu station tawonga
360 degree mountain views
Maddy cooking at mt emu campsite
Making chicken and veggie soup for dinner.
The swimming hole on the station-you share with ducks!

The Mt Bogong hike is my kind of walk. I like to be high on a mountain but don’t like heights. This walk can get you up high without making you walk past cliffs and big drop offs, so I can enjoy the entire walk and get to the top with Steve. Happy days! We went up Eskdale Spur which is straight up -steep, which I like too- no mucking around. We stopped at Michell hut on the way up and had a cup of tea. Once we got to the top it was lunch with some pretty stunning views, another cup of tea and a nap with the sun on our backs. M

mount bogong sign

Start of bogong walk
You have to have all the warning signs. I like the one about mobile phones. Do you really expect them to work everywhere?????
Mitchell Hut
Mitchell hut break
mt bogong walk
Steve trying to photograph a hawk

eskdale spur sign

wildflowers mt bogong
wild flowers that can withstand the weather up top

wildflowers mt bogong 2

billy buttons
Billy buttons
Looking down Eskdale Ridge
It was an 800 metre elevation gain from the bottom. My knees felt this on the way down!

Bogong eskdale ridge ascent

Mt buffalo from bogong
Views from the top
steve on top mt bogong
Steve looking back towards our camp way down in the valley
mt bogong wildflowers
Wildflowers on the top
Buff rumped thornbill
Buff rumped Thornbill on the way up!
Olive whistler 2
Olive whistler
Brown Goshawk immature
Brown Gosshawk BIRD NUMBER 200!!!!!!!!!!!!
mt bogong top
Rock Cairn in the distance is the top
On the summit
We made it!


On the way back to our camp in still bright daylight we hit a wallaby. We did not see it on the side of the road and it ran straight in between the front and back wheels. It died very quickly but it made us feel sick. It is the first time I have every hit anything but a bird. We are careful to avoid dawn/dusk driving and have been lucky until now. Poor thing! M

2 thoughts on “Mt Bogong- Victoria’s highest mountain

    1. Thanks Marcel, It’s been fun getting to these areas. Did a hard 4wd track yesterday from Mt Buller to Craigs’s Hut. Thought of you and that you would probably enjoy it. Fun track to a beautiful spot that we had to ourselves for a whole 15 minutes. M


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