Yackandandah, Beechworth and Bright Victoria.

Steve picked me up from Albury airport and we headed to a caravan park in Yackandandah where we were a short walk from the National Trust classified village. The village has many old buildings dating back to the gold rush days of the late 1800’s.We had a walk into town for dinner and ended up at one of the two pub. At the pub I bought a raffle ticket to support the local cricket team. Well I never win anything but I won the meat tray that night! We didn’t have enough room in our freezer for all that meat so we took a $50 note instead, which paid for our meal! Yackandandah is a long funny name but in the local aboriginal language it means “one bolder on top of another at the junction of two creeks” so maybe it’s not that long a name! The granite boulders at the Yackandandah and Commissioners Creeks are still evident today.

We had a quick look through town, the markets and the vintage cars on display. Steve found his grandfathers old car and I found my Dad’s first American car.


Purple car is a 58 Chevy, Steve’s grandfathers old car and the green one is a 1950’s De Soto which my Dad bought in 1963 on arrival in the USA. Yackandandah is nowhere near the sea but we also found a vintage port hole in a second hand shop off an old boat. Not sure how I am going to fly home with it yet!

Beechworth is another very well preserved gold era town with 32 buildings there being registered with the national trust. This town and it’s old gaol also have an association with Australian’s most famous criminal- Ned Kelly. Ned his mother and other Kelly gang members were all imprisoned there. The gaol operated for 150 yrs only closing in 2004.

beachworth shire hall
Beechworth town hall
big river red gum myrtleford
The largest river red gum in the region in Myrtleford-look how small Steve is!
nice old stone bldg beachworth
Beechworth old police buildings
beachworth beautiful stone drains
Beautiful granite drains Beechworth
nice laamp beachworth
Beechworth old bank now the honey centre
Beechworth- the round about

We stopped to have a look at Bright, had lunch and did some grocery shopping. After lunch we did the Ovens river walk along “the canyon” where we had a swim. It was an area where most of the gold mining in Bright took place and it was full of old water race trenches and piles of large rocks that were sluiced out of the sides of the river still very evident today. At the end of the walk we even saw a man in waders in the river panning for gold. It didn’t look like he was finding any.

gorge walk bright 2
Ovens River walk Bright
gorge walk bright
The Oven’s River canyon- Bright

Modern day gold miner- Bright

2 thoughts on “Yackandandah, Beechworth and Bright Victoria.

  1. Hey Steve. Congratulations on the 200 birds and still lots of country to go. I’ve brought out my Pizzey & Knight to keep up.

    Love the shots of the high country flowers and the buff-rumped thornbill.

    The Ovens River looked beautiful. They make nice red in the part of the world – that’s a red rumped shiraz!


    1. Hi, Thanks Wazza. I hope to get to 300 by the end of the trip. It’s getting harder to find new one’s these days, but we will soon be moving away from the alps and down to SW Victoria and Coonawarra area so maybe this will add some new variety. I hear the shiraz is quite good down in those parts too.


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