Craig’s Hut

We left Mt Stirling and continued on the Clear Hills Track. This was a steep rough road through snow gums in places and with scary views(good for Steve) over the edge just off the road at times.

clear hills track
Clear Hills track

We were on our way to Craigs Hut. This hut was built in 1981 for the 2 Man from Snowy River films. It burned down twice since then and has been rebuilt last in 2008. Despite all this, it still looks like one of the oldest huts in the area. The workmanship is all old original building methods with hardly a screw to be seen.

The other thing about this hut is that no mountain man would ever build a hut that did not have trees around to shelter in. It is also too far from the creek. This one is out in the open in a rare, naturally open area with the most superb views. It was just stunning! What was even more amazing is that we had it to ourselves for a FULL 15 minutes before a 4WD tour came along.Craigs hut 7Craigs hut 6Craigs hut 5craigs hut 4craigs hut 3craigs hut 2craigs hut

Craigs hut

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