Mt Stirling-Mt Buller region

After Winton we headed back to the mountains staying at Mirimbah next to the Delatite River at a free camp in a park. We used this as our base for the next 3 nights for trips up to Mt Buller and the surrounding area, as it may have been a bit too hectic getting Keddie up there. At this camp we met a nice family with 2 kids 7 and 9, who had sold their home and bought a caravan to travel in for a year, home schooling the kids. They came from Townsville but they thought that they may not return there and might find another nice place to live while they were traveling this year. Brave parents!

On the side of the road up to Mr Buller ski resort we passed some friendly looking little people and a nice totem pole made out of old skis.


We passed the resort and got on to the Howqua Gap trail and had a look at the hut as a potential camp to bring the van back up to. The track up there was a bit hairy for me with cliffs everywhere, winding and on a dirt road that was not that wide. Apart from that the Howqua Gap area was not so nice. It was used by loggers in times past.

We kept going up to Mt Stirling where the road became quite rough. We were driving through dense snow gums. At times these were alive and in some places dead and white from fires in the past 15 yrs. We checked out Bluff spur memorial hut where my phone rang in my pack and gave me a fright, not expecting it to work out here in the middle of nowhere. I had a nice chat with my girlfriend Lesley back in Wollongong while sitting in a hand carved log seat, probably carved by loggers.

The huts up here are not as old and interesting as the ones in Koz. North Nat park, that we had seen earlier on the trip. We have become hut snobs now, expecting them to be from last century at least! M

Bluff spur hut chairs
Bluff spur hut near Mt Stirling with lovely hand carved arm chairs!
steve in the old snow gums
Steve in the very old snow gums near Bluff Spur hut
mt stirling trig
Mt Stirling trig (1749 meters) with Steve always looking for a view!
bushfire snow gums from Mt Stirling
Looking down from the top of Mt Stirling into a burnt/dead area of Snow Gums. Poles are for cross county skiing
clear hills track 2
Heading down the summit loop trail. Like driving off a cliff at times!
view from mt stirling
Another view from Mt Stirling with the Cobbler, that Steve climber earlier, in the background.
steve on top of mt stirling with mt buller resort in the background
Mt Stirling summit with Mt Buller resort in the background and the ugly beast that got us there. I mean the car which I now love ugly aside as it gives you confidence on hard roads!

The highlight of the day was the 360 degree views from the top of Mt Stirling where we found a 500yr old lone snow gum to shelter from out of the sun.

Mt spec and howitt from mt stirling
Looking across towards mountain areas we have been to already
old snowgum near mt stirling
Top of Mt Stirling. Spot the 500yr old lone snow gum lunch spot!
razorback hut log sofa 2
Steve having a rest on a log sofa


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