Howqua Valley Historic Area

We had the most beautiful free camp in a National Park campground here and we couldn’t believe our luck when we had the entire camping area to ourselves. The rushing Howqua River did a sharp turn with a deep swimming spot just in front of the caravan. The river sounded beautiful to listen to at night and we were able to pump water from the river and wash some clothes.

Tunnel bend camp
Tunnel bend camp ground

There was just one thing wrong with this camp spot. The ranger came around in the morning and told us off for camping there. It was supposedly not a camp spot but had been used so often on the past this was not evident. Some things are too good to be true. It was a lovely night and we were leaving anyway thankfully.

Next we headed into the hills full of old gold mining relics, huts and the like. We did the walk into Fry’s hut from a free camping area (sheepyard flat) covered in cows. The early settlers used to herd their sheep into the little open area to protect them from Dingos. These days farmers bring their cows up from the dry lowlands and let their cows eat the nice green grass up here. The cows didn’t seem all that happy about us being there and some had big horns. It looked lovely but had a bit too much cow poo for our liking. Where there cow poo there are flies. We have had very few flies so far on this trip even in outback QLD. Is this really Australia?

cows in the campground at sheepyard flat

On the way  to Fry’s hut we came across only gold mining water races and a huge brick chimney furnace used for gold mining using heat and cyanide to seperate the gold dust out of the surorunding stone.

chimney used for gold mining
Only gold mining furnace
Howqua river
Howqua River

Fred Fry sounded like an old character and legendary bushman. He built his secluded hut in the last 1930’s and lived here until 1971! He built in a distinctive style with huge logs for roof beams that he apparently pulled into place using horses and chains. A number of huts in the area were also built in the “Fry design”. He supposedly fished from trout from his horse and would ride his horse home asleep a times. The horse knew to take him home and even crossed the river! I can just see him refusing to leave the hut long after it was time for him to go!  M

fry's hut roof
Huge roof beams still going strong
inside fry's hut with Steve
Unfortunately people seem to have to graffiti the walls everywhere. Not an interesting read like the old news papers lined walls in the old NSW huts!

Fred Fry info sign

Fry's hut
Fry’s hut

Fry's hut sign



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