Jamieson village

Our next nights accommodation was a first for us. We camped at the back of an old historic pub. An old Polish lady in Benalla raved about the pub and social media raved about the food, so we paid $20 to camp on the river behind the pub and have dinner there. The river was lovely and easy to get in from our camp but unfortunately the people camped next door felt the need to have a fire (not burning) smoking for the entire 18hrs we were there and smoked us out. It was 30+ deg C so not sure why you would even want a fire. Anyway, that was our first bad campsite experience since we left in Nov which that is not too bad.

We waited until the 37deg day cooled to a balmy 32deg after 430 and then did a walk around the sweet little village of Jamieson. Another gold mining village from the 1860’s, it is in a picturesque valley at the junction of the Goulburn and Jamieson Rivers.Many of the buildings were made of local hand made red bricks. M

memorial hall jamison
Memorial hall
Yellowtailed Black Cockatoo 2
A very hot yellow tailed black cockatoo panting
old hotel jamison
An old hotel now a house
general store
The general store
bus stop jamison
Very cute bus stop
hand made bricks
Hand made bricks used on most of the buildings
oak tree
Like many small towns in this area of streets were lined with huge non native trees planted last century giving it a different feel, but nice. It would have looked lovely in autumn.
old church jamison
The old church
old miners hut jamison 2
Old miners cottage that was lived in until the 1980’s!


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