Mt Buller summit

The next day we headed up to the Mt Buller Resort to do the walk from the village to the summit on a nature walk that meanders around the village. There was a lot of building and repairs going and the resort felt more like a construction site. It was nice on the walk though which went through woodland and heath bogs and then above the tree line to the summit. The last bit had beautifully constructed stone stairs to the top.

snow gums
Very old snow gums on the slopes around

mt buller summit sundial

mt buller summit
Nice views from the top Mt Buller summit 1805 metres
fire tower mt buller
Mt Buller fire tower. Steve lit his fuel stove fire in view of this guy to make a cup of tea. He kept watch on it with his binoculars!
mt buller summit danger sign
Steve loved how big they made the word DEATH
Mt cobbler from mt buller
Can you see the sleeping giant? Mt Cobbler from Mt Buller summit

Mt buller summitmt buller near summitalpine blue bells

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