Heading to the coast

Kevington to Cape Northumberland

Glenlyon (population 200) is the little town we camped in night before last . It is one of the spring towns in the area but the poor cousin without the fancy spa to visit like some of the others (Hepburn Spa) in the area. Here there was a pump where you could get free “carbonated” water. We had a free camp on the town’s recreation area in a horse paddock (with no horses- just a faint smell of poo in the air) that overlooked the town’s race track which was covered in Kangaroos. It was such a lovely quiet spot we made sure to give a donation to the town, to thank them for such a nice home for the night. M

glenlyon spring water pump
Glenlyon water pump
glenlyon racetack kangaroos
Glenlyon free camp- this is the towns race track

Today we crossed over into South Australia. How did we know? We started seeing Stobie Poles. Steve tells me this is significant. You only get them in south Australia he says. So what I said, but he made me put in a photo anyway. They are concrete and steel and not good to hit with your car apparently. Oh and the termites can’t get them. M

A nice Stobie Pole

On the way to our camp today we stopped at the Little Blue Lake near Mt Gambier. As we were driving here it was 39 degrees for most of the afternoon and we were desperate for a swim. Just before we arrived a southerly hit and the temp dropped to 25 in 5 minutes. The Little Blue Lake is a limestone sinkhole filled with water and the local swimming hole. The kids were having a hoot jumping off the high cliff into the water. Steve tried to dive to the bottom but couldn’t. We then read that it is has an average depth of 36mt going down to 45 and is a popular cave diving spot. Interesting things to see on the bottom include a 1966 Morris 1100, a petrol bowser, traffic signs and witches hats.  People will turn anything into a garbage bin! M


Little blue lake

We also had a quick break in Casterton  which is supposed to be the birthplace in 1871 of the Kelpie breed of working dog. The owner named the original dog Kelpie meaning  “a malignant water sprite haunting the fjords and streams in the shape of a horse”???? according to a town brochure. They say it’s parents were black and tan collie dogs brought out from Scotland and there is no Dingo in them, but they look like a bit of Dingo to us. I can’t see collie at all. The blue heeler dog does have Dingo in it. M


We have made it to the coast here across the border in South Australia at Cape Northumberland. It is near Mt Gambier and on the Limestone Coast as they call it. It is an area full of volcanos, sink holes, caves and springs. We plan to check out a few of these. Tonight is another free camp but this time with even better views and at the southernmost point in South Australia near the town of Port MacDonnell. There is a new working lighthouse here and the ruins of an old one you can hardly see anymore. The lighthouse was going for it all night lighting up the area we are in and all the way out to sea. We had to close the blinds on that side of the van to get some sleep. The night started out quiet but the wind got up and was wild for a time shaking the caravan around a bit.

It was amazing while all this wild weather was going on shaking us around, to see fisherman out on the sea. Port Macdonnell is a lobster fishing town. They were heading home as the sun came up.

Cape northumberland view from keddie
View out our window tonight for free!
Cape Northumberland campsite view
keddie on the top of the cliff
Beach near our camp with Port MacDonnell in the background


Weird limestone rock formations near us at Cape Northumberland
Black faced cormorant and starlings
Blackfaced Cormorant- a new bird
Cape Northumberland panorama
Cape Northumberland and camel rock


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