Ewens Ponds

A few km south of Mt Gambier, near the coast, lies Ewens Ponds.   These are a chain of 3 crystal clear spring fed pools joined by narrow channels.   By clear, I mean very clear – as in the clearest water I can recall seeing.  The ponds were about 50m across and you could clearly see from one side to the other.   It was an amazing experience to climb into the first pond, snorkel around a bit then swim into the channel and let the current pull you into the second pond, then repeat before exiting from the third pond by a pontoon with stairs.

ewans ponds info board

The downside is that the spring water was only about 15 deg C.  As I only had my 3mm surfing wetsuit and hood, this did mean that by the time I got to the third pool, which was the most interesting, I was pretty much ready to get out.    Also the 40 deg C weather that we had experienced the previous day had been replaced by a rather mild 20 degrees following an overnight cold front.  Even though the sun came out just at the right time, the clear water was not enough to tempt Maddy into a swim, so I had to venture out alone.   However the experience was definitely worthwhile.

ewans ponds first pond

Entry to the first Pond

All suited up and setting off


Ewens pond first pond

The view in first pond – the far side is about 50m away.

Ewens pond spring

One of the springs at the bottom of the first pond – about 9m deep.

Scooting along the channel from second to third pond

Ewens Pond stairs out

Pontoon and ladder from the bottom of the third pond – some galaxids can be seen swimming below the rock overhand on the right.  There were also some perch, but these tended to keep their distance.

walk back from the ponds The walking track back from the last pond – a nice way to warm up again in the sun.

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