Naracoorte Caves World Heritage Site

We heard about Naracoorte fossil site at the Riversleigh fossil site last Nov near Lawn Hill Gorge, at the beginning of this trip. It is recognised as one of the world’s most important fossil sites. We went into the ‘Victoria’ Fossil cave, which has had some pretty amazing finds of mega fauna fossils among many other smaller animals. Most of these it is believed, had fallen into the cave from openings high above the cave which they were then not able to get out of. Dead animals then became piled up on each other with a mess of bones all together just waiting to be found. The caves here are not famous for their pretty cave structures but for their fossil deposits. Mnational park sign

naracoorte caves visitors centre
Steve at the entry to the visitor’s centre
cave system naracoorte
Map plan of the many caves at Naracoorte
victoria cave bones
This is the dig site where some pretty special mega fauna were found among many other smaller  animals.
thylacaleo carnifex skeleton
Thylacoleo skeleton at the dig site inside Victoria cave
marsupial lion
Diagram of how they work out what these animals might have looked like based on how muscles would have attached to skeletal structures.
marsupial lion
What Thylacoleo might have looked like- sort of cute with his buck teeth!
giant roo fossil skeleton
Giant marsupial kangaroo
giant marsupial roo
What this might have looked like. This one has seen better days


cave polyps
Weird stalactites in Victoria cave- nasal polyp like!
cave straws
Straw stalactites in Victoria cave
exit to victoria cave
Steve at cave exit
entry stick tomato cave
The sink hole entrance to Stick Tomato self guided cave was dramatic but the cave was less interesting

Other wierd mega fauna that once roamed this land below

marsupial tapir
Marsupial tapir
giant marsupial statue
Giant marsupial wombat
giant roo 2
Giant short faced kangaroo. This kangaroo spent alot of time standing so had eyes facing forward more like a human.

Sort of fun to imagine what it would be like to have these huge animals running around with us.








2 thoughts on “Naracoorte Caves World Heritage Site

  1. I know Wazza! Imagine coming across one of those on a bushwalk! Even coming across the spoor might be a bit exciting!

    We voted over the phone on the 12th. I told the electoral office if it cost more in fuel to find a polling station for the fed election ( which you cant do over the phone/internet) than the fine we would opt to be fined. We are now on some list that explains we might not be able to vote and not to fine us.

    Maddy from Tralee SA


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