South West Field Day- Lucindale

We left Robe in the dark to get to the South West Field Day in Lucinvale 1.5 hrs away. We don’t usually drive in the dark or at dawn/dusk as we don’t like to hit animals on the road but we wanted to get to the show by 8 and there was no good camp to leave the van at, so we took it with us. The drive was gorgeous as most of the way the fields were filled with a thick mist, so only the tops of the trees were sticking out as the sun came up. It was about 7 degrees. By midday is was 31 deg C. You start the day totally rugged up and then progressively strip off. M

mist while driving in to SE field days
A cold mist over farmland

We were invited to the field day by Marion the farmer from the bird museum. It was like the Royal Easter Show but bigger, but it was for farmers not for city people. No rides or showbags . Plenty of junk food unfortunately. It is all meat and carbs out here. Vegetables and fruit are like an oasis. I did find a stand selling organic apples and some really nice juice. If you wanted to see the best in big farm equipment, this was the show for you. It was interesting for us to see.

The very BEST thing about the show was “Kelpie corner”. Here there was a cattle yard set up and the Yard dog championships took place all day. You could sit on a bale of hay and watch all day. It was fascinating seeing how well a man and a dog can work together to control a group of sheep. They all had a slightly different way to communicate with their dogs and the dogs just were so keen so do this job for their owners. Some of the conversation with the dogs made us laugh too but this WAS a serious competition.yard dog association sign

working dog food
There is even designer dog food for farm dogs!
sheep waiting for the champianships
Sheep waiting to be pushed around. They don’t want their photo taken!
kelpie crawling
Keeping a close eye on those sheep

sheep dog thaddle dookelpie at show a

kelpie waiting for the signal
Kelpie waiting for the signal
kelpie doing what he does best
Eyeing each other off. Dog is in control.
kelpie sheep dog champianships
Farmer watching his dog do the work only giving him verbal cues when necessary.
kelpie champianships
He has got them in and shut the gate.
judge looking on
This is supposed to show the skill of putting them on/off a truck. Judge in the hat looks on.

At the Royal Easter show in Sydney, it is so busy you can often not get in to see some of the shows. We could here. The pig racing/jumping was funny. The amazing thing was the pigs looked like they enjoyed jumping into the water. OK maybe it was just the food they got at the end. There was certainly some style in the jump!

pig racing sign
This group travels from show to show, all over australia with their pigs.
pig compere
The presenter got us all excited about the race.
rhinestone cowboy
The rhinestone cowboy presenter
boy presenter
Young presenter calling the race

racing pigs

racing pigs
Pigs on the home stretch
pig ready to jump
They didn’t stop for long before they jumped
flying pig 1
Stretch the legs right out style
flying pig b
Feet down jumping style

flying pig c

flying pig d
Out quickly and quick shake and it’s time for some food!
kids on the hay bales
Big bales of hay were perfect seating for those fit enough to get up there. This would have been some sort of safety concern in the city but county kids still know how to climb and parents let them!

Some of the scrap metal art competition entries below.

scrap metal sculpture comp
Loved this guy. He was made mostly with tuna tins
scrap metal sculpture comp 2
cyclone fencing, drink cans and star pickets
iron pelican
Steve’s favourite- the pelican- from motorcycle parts
scrap metal sculpture 3
Car parts and old blades
scrpa metal scupture
The falcon
scrap metal sculpture 4
Bed springs

Then there was the work “toys”.

oversize farm machine
Size is everything! This guys wants one of these badly!
farm machines
Horse and plow? No way!
big farmers toys
Tractor envy anyone?
sawmill demo
The portable saw mill was my favourite of the “toys”
plane south west field day- lucinvale
Imagine this one in your show bag!
log cutting machine
Who needs an ax for your firewood?

Then there was the display of the All Terrain Vehicles to show the farmer just what you can do with them. That is if it ever rains and you have a nice mud pit on your property!mudman amudman cmudman bmudman d

mud girl at se field day
You shouldnt stand too close though. This little girls top started white!

2 thoughts on “South West Field Day- Lucindale

  1. Dear Maddie and Steve,

    I am really enjoying your entries as you travel the country. Had to laugh at the pig races. Every country fair undoubtedly has their own version. The PNE in Vancouver has a overall encased fat farmer and his young look alike side kick. The pigs race around the track but they save the kiddie pool and slide for the racing ducks. Too funy. Would have loved to watch the kelpies.

    Wishing you many more adventures. And lots more blogging.

    Love Andrea XOXO

    On Mon, Mar 18, 2019, 4:29 AM Maddy and Steve Norman’s gap year, wrote:

    > maddyrichter posted: “We left Robe in the dark to get to the South West > Field Day in Lucinvale 1.5 hrs away. We don’t usually drive in the dark or > at dawn/dusk as we don’t like to hit animals on the road but we wanted to > get to the show by 8 and there was no good camp to leave” >


  2. Hi Andrea, I saw someone in Canada was looking and wondered if it was you. Love having you along. It is a nice cheap holiday for you. Hope Chris is still enjoying the trip too!

    Love, Maddy


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