Art work on the road.

One of my favourite things on the road and in the little towns out here nowadays, is the many types of art works you see. Sometimes there are a lot of artist types living in a town and sometimes there has been an effort to attract travelers into these little dying towns to spend their money by installing artwork. Sometimes these are in the towns themselves and sometimes on the roads between them. Sometimes these are in the middle of nowhere and really unexpected. Here are some we have seen recently:

lavatree robe
Beautiful toilet door-Robe
coonalpin silo art guido van helten
Coonalpyn Arts trail Silo- Artist is Guido Van Helsen who’s work we saw earlier in Winton Wetlands on a water tank. The world is his canvas!
coonalpyn art montage
Steve’s arty shot incorporating the silo, the tunnel kids art and the Keddie and the car.
tree stump are wirrabara
Tree stump art-Wirrabara
Silo mural Werabera
Wirrabara Silo- Artist -Sam Bates aka Smug


wirrabera silo
The detail is amazing! We have not seen this bird yet but see similar real bird below
scarlet robin
Scarlet Robin


c j dennis sculture laura
Poet C J Dennis copper sculpture in the town of Laura where he lived when young
sunshine harvester plate booleroo museum
The face plate of a harvester- tractor museum- Booleroo centre
tractor seats booleroo museum 2
Colourful and beautiful tractor seats. Booleroo Centre tractor museum- personal fave is top right hand green one!

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The mural above is actually the Coonalpyn public toilet block!

This eagle is done on an old chain link fence on the main road using small pieces of metal bent around the wire. Very effective! Coonalpyn Art trail.

recyled wire gallery Ki Ki
A recycled wire artist in town of Ki Ki. Notice the toilet sign.
recyled wire art
Recycled wire
recycled wire and old glass art
Recycled wire and glass
the dacner recycled wire art
The dancer- Town of Ki Ki

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