Dutchman’s Stern circuit walk- Quorn

setting off on dutchmans stern at 640 AM
We started the walk “early” to beat the heat and crowds but we think we may have been the only ones to climb it that day. Reading the track notes at the start. 7am
sun rising
Sunrise as we walked up
durtchmans stern sign
The beginning of the Dutchman’s Stern 10.6 km walk. It goes to the top of that big hill in the background which looks a bit easier than it is. It is a huge outcrop of Quartzite. This was once on the Dutchman sheep station.
steve on the dutchmans trail
Nice vegetation on the trail. Many different gum trees on this walk.
scarlet robin 2
Scarlet robin- How sweet is that face?
scarlet robin
Scarlet robin
grey fronted honeyeater
Grey fronted honey eater


ants on the path
Every time you stopped to look at a bird or a plant these guys attacked! After slapping them off you your hands smelled like mint! I had to think maybe they were bush tucker with such a nice smell.
grass tree stalk
Mt Lofty grass tree flower spear
weird hole with sticks 1
Trap door spider hole missing it’s door
old sugar gum dutchmans
Old sugar gum. These trees have very interesting colours in their bark

yacca and sugar gums dutchmans

dead mistletoe dutchmans
The tentacles of a dead mistletoe
view of distant hills on dutchamans track
Wilpena Pound in the distance
grass tree or yacca dutchmans
Grass trees on the top
quorn from the dutchmans walk
View of Quorn- 22kms away

dutchmans summit vegetation

dutchmans stern summit
Maddy summited first because Steve was looking at birds. It’s cool in the wind.
summit party duo
Trying not to fall off backwards!


steve and view from the top of dutchmans
360 degree views from the top

dutchmans sign

view to the south and port augusta
View to the south- Port Augusta on the coast


summit view looking north
Summit view
steve at a lookout dutchmans
Steve enjoying walking with the sun beginning to come up


stoney creek gorge
Stony creek on the way down with cyprus pines on the hills
yacca and sugar gums dutchmans
sugar gums, grass trees and blue gums
view of distant hills on dutchamans track
Wilpena pound to the north
quorn from the dutchmans walk
Quorn town 22 kms away from the walk down

2 thoughts on “Dutchman’s Stern circuit walk- Quorn

  1. love the dry forest and open woodland. Just beautiful. I take it that Steve’s blue pack is full of water and tea making equipment.


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