The crossing of Goyder’s line and Warren Gorge

goyders line plaque

We passed Goyder’s line the day before the Gorge and the look of the country changed. It became more arid looking with different vegetation. Spinifex began to be seen. The soil colours changed. We feel like we are entering the desert regions now.

even the spinafex is dry
Even the spinifex looks like it needs a drink!

Many people ignored Goyder in 1865 and established farms north of this line with the thinking “The rains follows the plow”. The many ruins in the area above this line show that maybe they should have listened. Good for us though as we love the ruins. Because of the German Lutherans that came up from the coast last century, many of the old buildings in South Australia are a wonderful well built stone which stands the test of time and /or looks wonderful as a ruin. More of these later. M

We had a couple of nights at Warren Gorge near Quorn S.A. The gorge is a conservation area run by the council. Unfortunately that means you can bring dogs in. The Flinders Ranges are home to the increasingly rare,shy and endangered yellow footed rock wallaby. We were hoping to see one. You would think the council could keep dogs out of this area for the sake of our native wildlife. M

our camp warren gorge
Our camp spot on the “creek” at Warren Gorge. Note the many dead river red gums along the creek bed due to drought and Corella damage we were told. There was only one and two other people camping in the whole gorge while we were there.
warren gorge walk 4
The wallabies live in the cracks and caves in this rock and come down at dawn and dusk to feed on grass.

We did the Warren Gorge circuit walk while we were there. The temp was in the high 30’s that day so we got up nice and early, which made it pleasant. As with everywhere around here the drought was evident and it was very dry in the gorge. There was no water in the creek, but there were a few spring fed puddles which all the animals and birds were going to. M

warren gorge walk 6

warren gorge walk 5
spinefex and cyprus pines and grass trees along most of the route
warren gorge walk
Steve looking north from Warren gorge towards Wilpena Pound
steve birding warren gorge walk
Looking for birds in the gorge
Apostlebirds busy around camp
euro and yellow footed rock wallaby
The rare and endangered yellow footed rock Wallaby in the foreground with the stiped tail with a Euro in the back ground. There were always Euros not far away sleeping in the creek bed near camp.
yellow footed rock wallaby2
The move differently and much faster than a kangaroo.
yellow footed rock wallaby1
Beautiful colouring and such a long tail
yellow footed rock wallaby4
I think he saw us! Look at those eye lashes
fox at warren gorge
There are always feral animals everywhere eating our natives. If you don’t see a wild dog, goat, fox or cat you are lucky. He is quite cute and very healthy looking.
three euros
Euros eating the grasses in the dry river bed. The grasses they were eating looked pretty unpalatable but there were babies is some of those pouches, so it must have been good enough.
neglected sheep
This sheep and his 4 friends seemed to have missed the muster by hiding in the hills. They could hardly see out of their eyes and they were pretty dirty and matted. Their hindquarters were not a pretty sight either!
stumpy tail
A shingle back or sleepy lizard. He was pretty sleepy alright. Right on the trail in our way.
stumpy tail close up
I am NOT moving!
stumpy tail side close up
Looked a bit like a croc close up.

warren gorge walk decent

warren gorge walk lookout
Looking back down the gorge from our morning tea spot at the top of the gorge wall
This sweet little thing is a new bird. A redthroat on a cyprus pine.


noisy miner
A noisy miner




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