Heading to the Northern Flinders ranges and Wilpena Pound

We headed out of Quorn heading north towards Hawker stopping at Kanyaka(death) rock waterhole. It was the first water hole we had seen in quite a while with water in it. Not much water and it was green, but water. It is said that aboriginal people brought their dying here to rest in the shade near the water. It was a beautiful spot on a big old red gum tree lined river bed, but there were many dead animals not far from the water. We are finding this everywhere out here due to the drought. M

death rock kanyaka waterhole
It was a very pretty spot that smelled pretty bad because of the dead animals nearby. It really was death rock!

Next stop was the Kanyaka homestead ruins. It had been quite a big property in the day but it operated for only 30 yrs before drought made them abandon the property like many in this region north of Goyder’s line. M

kanyaka historic sight sign


kanyaka view
Kanyaka Homestead Ruins north of Hawker
kanyaka window
Nice stonework and cyprus pine used in window construction that the termites don’t touch.

kanyaka toilet

kanyaka homestead
Kanyaka homestead ruins
perimeter fence
Perimeter fence
fireplace kanyaka
Nice metal arched fireplace construction
the lone fireplace
Often it is only the chimney that is left.
kanyaka cemetery
There are often young deaths in these old graveyards.

We made a brief stop in Hawker which did not have the character that Quorn did. We stopped for lunch at the pub and Steve went to the Jeff Morgan Gallery. Jeff is famous for his panorama paintings. I just did a walk around town and made some phone calls before heading out to no coverage land again. M

hawker lunch pub
Lunch was at the only pub in town


breast cancer awareness hawker pub
This is how you donate to fight beast cancer at the hawker pub!
hawker house 1
Old building on the main St of Hawker


Jeff Morgan gallery
Jeff Morgan gallery was a “must see” according to the info place. I wasn’t convinced.
panorama termite mound
Inside the Jeff Morgan gallery


Panorama scene 4
The painting of Wilpena Pound from St Mary’s peak. We had done this walk the last time we were in the Flinder’s. We know what it feels like to be up there. Jeff’s version is much greener.

Panorama scene 5

Panorama scene 6
The fossil collection at the gallery
panorama scene 1
Panorama paintings of local attractions in the Jeff Morgan gallery

That night we camped at Willow Waters Station in their gorge where we had the entire gorge to ourselves. We also had the moon and stars. The stars out here just do not resemble what we have back in Sydney.  M

moon at willow waters
The moon in the morning at Willow Waters camp
willow waters camp
Willow waters camp
willow waters camp 1
Willow waters gorge camp on the banks of the dry creek
willow waters creek at camp
Huge river red gums lined the dry creek bed getting water from deep down to stay alive in this drought.

2 thoughts on “Heading to the Northern Flinders ranges and Wilpena Pound

  1. Plenty of rain here in Avalon. Looks like you could do with some there to fill those creeks. Must be a bit dusty.
    X Helen


  2. A bit! it’s horrible when the wind blows. Nothing that a little antihistamine and nasal spray and eye drop won’t fix! You thought the van was dirty in Dec. You should see it now! M


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