Port Augusta catch up day

Port Augusta is not such an exciting place to stop but it was the biggest town we would pass through for awhile. We used it to have one full day to catch up on business, washing, and make some phone calls while we had a phone again. We even watched the news and see that an election is looming. We should be deep in the desert on voting day. I told the electoral office if the fine to NOT vote was less than the petrol from the middle of nowhere to a polling place, we would not be voting. We are now down as “no fixed address” so we won’t be fined. M

I spent the day doing 4 loads of washing, on the phone and catching up on emails in the air conditioned room. It was nice to have one dust free day when I was clean the whole day and to have a bit of space. Steve spent the morning at the Arid Gardens in 32deg c and a dust storm looking for birds and giving me a husband break. (and him a wife break!) Here are his photos. M

Garden sculpture and Sturt’s Desert Pea

sturts desert pea close up
The stunning Sturt’s desert pea. We have never seen this in the wild because they flower in the winter after rain. We always seem to be in the desert in the summer.
shingle back back bend
Flat out like a lizard drinking! Either that or he’s doing push ups.
zebra finch 2
Zebra finch
grey butcher bird 2
The Butcher bird scared all the rest away.
elegant parrot
An Elegant Parrot being nearly blow off the tree
port augusta dust storm at red cliffs
Spencer Gulf dust storm
razorfish on spencer gulf
Razor fish ( a type of shell) Spencer Gulf
spencer gulf plants
Shoreline cacti Spencer Gulf
solar tower for tomato farm
Solar Tower for truss tomato farm Spencer gulf

Steve did manage to find a new bird that day in the garden. It was a white winged fairy wren but the photo was not good enough quality to show.




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