A Town called Alice

We were in Alice Springs for a few days to de dust and have a couple of days without flies. It seems they don’t like the “big” city of Alice Springs.  Alice has a population of 25,000 and we wonder what so many people do out here in the middle of the country. It looks like a lot of it is tourism. We were there for Anzac day so went up to Anzac Hill to get a view over the city. Manzac memorial alice

anzac hill view
Feeling liberated without a fly net!
anzac hill
All you need is a lot of water to have a green city out here. There has been no rain here for 12 months now.
anzac hill look out
The view from Anzac hill over looking Alice Springs city with Mount Mt Gillen or Alhekulyele an important sacred site in the distance.
The ghan train
The Ghan train that passed us that night at the railside free camp in Kingoonya was in town, so we went down to have a look.
ghan at alice springs
It is the longest passenger train the world. You could not see the end cars.
ghan with stobie pole
Steve admiring the “stobie like” poles again!?!

ghan sign


Ghan memorial statue
Enter a caption

We also went to the Olive Pink Botanical garden. Olive was another real territory legend. An anthropologist, a lover of art and flowers, a botanical artist, an advocate for Aboriginal rights. She was a woman very much ahead of her time. She also promoted the cultivation of native plants, which was very out of fashion at the time. The garden is in Alice Springs but feels far away with wallaby’s living in the rocky hills behind. It was founded in 1956. Olive lived in the garden in a tent until her death in 1975 aged 91. She was known for always being impeccably dressed in long skirt, long sleeves and trademark brimmed hat.

“she pinpointed the most controversial issues of her day and highlighted them in ways that other anthropologists did not….these issues continue to be important today. Miss Pink is buried near the Aboriginal section of the Alice Springs Cemetery. All headstones face east except hers which faces west, towards the important sacred site, Alhekulyele (Mt Gillen).  She was a rebel even in death. ( ref from the garden guide booklet). 

We also found 2 good city quality eateries for some good food/cocktails/coffee and went to see a movie since the next town is very far away.

seen pod in a sheoak olive pink

black footed rock wallaby
Black Footed Rock Wallaby at Olive Pink Botanic gardens
good use for an old iron
Great use for an old iron
emu at olive pink gardens
A bird in the Olive Pink Garden

We also had a look at the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame founded by Molly Clark. It is housed in the old jail. We were told Molly was unhappy about this as it wasn’t the right place to honour women. It was  offered to them for free though and they had to take this location. The jail visit was actually interesting as well and it showed a jail at the time when there wasnt much business and there was an attempt at some humanity inside. M

pioneer womens

There was a lot of interesting woman to read about in Molly’s museum but these 2 ladies stood out for me. They were nurses doing house visits last century on camels! They were midwives going wherever they were needed to help deliver babies and making the outback a safer place for women to live! Just look at the clothes! Can you imagine working in that garb!Imagine having to wash that blouse after delivering a baby hand washing with minimal water! M

nurses on camels doing house calls.JPG
Nurse/midwives on camel back

And how about being the only immunisation nurse in all of North West Western Australia having to fly yourself to your patients! We have it easy on the school team girls!

flying public health nurse


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