Mac Clark Reserve-Acacia Peuce Trees

Not far from Old Andado on the Binns track is the Mac Clark (Molly’s husband) Acacia Peuce reserve. Mac(and other farmers) was concerned for these rare trees which led to this reserve being formed. These trees are very rare, the hardest wood in the world, and only occur in three places only in Australia in small stands. You can also see them in Boulia and Birdsville in Qld. Aboriginal people used this “Birdsville Waddy” wood to make clubs (waddy). Early farmers used these to make fence posts and stockyards as it is durable and termite resistant. it is now an offence to cut this wood. Some of these trees are estimated to be 500yrs old. They are special enough in themselves but they are also crucial to the survival of a unique group of bugs, reptiles,mammals and birds.

They are easily disturbed by cattle trampling the ground around them so these have been fenced in to save them. They are a strange looking tree and stick out from very far away here on a plain of black gibbers.

mac clark reserve signmac clark reserve sign 2

mac clark info sign

pink bottomed clouds
Acacia Peuce trees in Mac’s Reserve

acacia peuce with sun

waddy tree pods
Spiky pine like leaves
pink and peuce
It is very dry out here but these Galahs have found something to eat way out here, but we can tell what it is.
white winged fairy wren male in moult
White winged fairy wren in the vegetation on the side of the Binns Track
masked woodswallow
Masked woodswallow in the Acacia Peuce
wheres da food mon
We thought he was thinking. “WHAT am I supposed to eat out here?”
black gibber
Heavy shiny black iron gibbers we all around the Acacia Trees
old andado track clouds
Big sky country. Gorgeous clouds over the gibber plains.
dead tanks and mill
Old rusted out tanks and windmill near a watering point.
This attractive gecko lived in the box that held the visitors book for the reserve.
zebra finch drinking spot
This drip at a hose in the middle of nowhere was a spot where finches waited for the water to fall and them flew up to drink it. Steve tried to get a bird in action but they were not cooperating. The only water for many kms and they found it!
old andado track
On the edge of the Simpson desert driving between the dunes.


old andado track
We love the big skies out here. These clouds must drive  the farmers crazy though with no rain coming from this show.
open the gate mate
There were a lot of gates to open on this route.
cow and water andado stn
It was always so amazing to see water sitting out here. It was always at a cattle watering point but it was always where you heard birds. Mostly finches, galahs and corellas but they were nice to hear.


arookara free camp
Arookara free camp
arookana camp
Arookara free camp from the top of the rock hill
emu tracks
We found no birds on our walk but we did find Emu tracks

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