Bird number 250

It’s definitely taking more effort to spot new birds these days.   Unfortunately the drought in central Australia isn’t helping.  Many waterholes that are often described as being a birdwatcher’s heaven have been reduced to a dusty hollow.   However I am still making slow progress and today reached a new milestone with this grey headed honeyeater spotted at the Ormiston Gorge campsite.   Hopefully when we head north to areas that have received a bit of rain from Cyclone Trevor and then beyond to the tropical top end of Australia we will see a bit more.     For our complete bird list with photo’s click here: Bird List

grey headed honeyeater

5 thoughts on “Bird number 250

    1. Hi, Yes, Ormiston pound is spectacular. Most people just visit the waterhole and miss the big show. I have since seen 2 more birds – black breasted buzzard and Major Mitchells Cockatoo (finally). Unfortunately still no Bourke’s parrot and we have already moved out of the range of the scarlet chested parrot so too late for that one.


  1. That’s a great picture showing the bird in its natural habitat but some journalists might nitpick that the habitat is distracting when you submit it to the monthly Wotrielife competition. However the editorial side will love it.


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