Kedron repairs in Alice Springs

We it’s not just all fun and games out here in travel land, watching the sun set while sipping cocktails! No, we are back in Alice Springs but not doing the usual things you do here. We are getting things fixed on the caravan! After getting a leaking water tank replaced in Dec and the battery monitoring system adjusted to the proper setting, so we could actually see how much battery power we have left, we thought all was now good. A couple of months ago we (eventually) worked out that the hot water system had never worked properly and since we paid a lot extra for the premium system, we thought it was time to get this fixed and not waste as much water each time we showered. This is important when you want to be off grid for awhile. M

steve with wires
Doesn’t look too good does it? This is sort of like the brains of the caravan hanging out! Steve assisting the electrician who’s out the window in the outside part of the hot water unit.
tdc hot water heater repair
These guys were great and worked out that it was a problem with the installation of the unit rather than the Truma unit itself. It’s really important how you do your wiring in these things!!!Don’t pull the wires too tight or they break! We are now amazed at how quickly the hot water comes through and we can now see if the unit is on or not. A great improvement. But then as if that wasn’t enough………….
Then we were REALLY surprised to find we nearly lost our spare tyre when this split. Thankfully Steve noticed it on one of his checks before we lost the tyre. There was corrosion starting in the joint in a fairly new caravan. We had to strap the spare to the back bumper to get it back to Alice Springs. I’m glad we had extra straps or this would have had to ride on the bed to get back here as the top and inside of the car are already full.
bad welding
We nearly lost our spare tyre when this metal bar just split at the weld point. The caravan is still under warranty, so Kedron helped us out on these problems.
welding repair
We went to a specialist welding and engineering place called SWEL in Alice Springs and Muhammad Sarwar PhD (Can you believe we found a Dr of Mechanical Engineering in Alice Springs!) was VERY professional and helped us out on the spot re welding it and adding a better design of reinforcing it. It now looks like it might last the rest of the trip and then some! We highly recommend this place, if you are out here and happen to need them!
weld repair and reinforce
Nice new welding job and improved stronger design.

If that wasn’t enough the car then began to play up for the first time. This is the new car that I was just beginning to think I liked. Alarms suddenly started going off telling us (250kms from Alice springs with no telephone) to pull over, check our engine, crash warning detection disabled, see your dealer. See your dealer!!!!! This of course did not tell us what the problem was and there was nothing out of order with the engine that was obvious, so it was just annoying seeing these flashing lights all the way back. We were losing engine power at times too but managed to get back to Alice. Toyota will have a look at it next week.  M

On the upside, we got to return to our favourite city quality cafe for a delicious lunch, Steve got some good coffee and we both got a good haircut. Not as good as Sylvana in Seaforth though! M



3 thoughts on “Kedron repairs in Alice Springs

    1. Hi,

      Actually the problem was a hairline crack that was probably caused by poor welding during manufacture. Metal fatigue should only occur when something is not designed or manufactured to do what is expected to do. In our case it was probably both – poor welding quality, but also a poor design that puts dependence on well executed welding in the first place. A slight change in design would make the stresses placed on that particular joint much lower



      1. I immediately thought of metal fatigue when I noticed that the repair job included both lateral and lower bridging support – it looks like a really good improvement now. I’m still jealous. best wishes, Brian


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