Heading further north for some warmth.

After a few days in Sydney is was good to get back to Alice Springs. It was also fantastic flying over lake Eyre again and seeing even more water than a few weeks back. After voting for the federal election and a delicious lunch at our favourite cafe, we headed north up the Stuart Highway to warmer parts. It is getting too cold for us with the temp down to single figures at night.

aileron man and woman
We liked these huge sculptures of Aileron Man and woman and child outside the Aileron Road house.
aileron woman
She was 30 feet high and quite realistic looking

We camped the night at Barrow Creek WWII staging post. A quiet free camp on someone’s farmland.


wycliffe well sign
Sign outside the Wycliffe Well roadhouse.
wycliff well aliens
Wycliffe Well is supposedly the UFO capital of Australia. The roadhouse is covered in anything and everything UFO.
karlu karlu sign
We had lunch at Karlu Karlu or the devils Marbles
balancing marble
Karlu Karlu or the Devil’s Marbles. Looks like just a little push…….
split marble
A “marble” split down the middle from water seeping into tiny cracks in the granite.
desert frog and crab
Weird and wonderful animals in the desert.

devils marbles

karlu karlu rock
The red granite up close. It’s very white underneath.
Steve in the marble
Steve inside a split rock

devils marbles 1devils marbles 2devils marbles 4

I am excited to find that as we drive north we are back in the termite zone. So far there have been none as beautiful or with as much character as those in outback Qld, but they are getting better as we head north. There was only one which was worth stopping for.

wedding ghost 2
The bashful bride

We then drove through Tennant Creek and camped just past town at “The pebbles”. These rocks looked like a smaller version of the Marbles and are also a sacred site/meeting place but this time for women’s business. It was here that Steve found a new bird a crimson chat.

maddy at the pebbles
Doing the walk around the “pebbles”. It was still a bit cool.
crimson chat
A crimson chat near camp

We drove 3 days from Alice Springs and FINALLY found a place that is getting warm enough for us. Tonight we are at a free camp near Daly Waters pub. Our camping is free tonight, so we walked in to the historic pub for one of their Beef and Barra meals. We love that we are once again in the Barramundi zone. This was a very busy little pub in the middle of nowhere. There were many tourists but also locals and farmers still in their work clothes/hats having a beer after work.

daly waters pub
Daly Waters Pub just off the Stuart Highway Northern Territory.
steve at daly waters pub
Steve at the bar Daly Waters pub

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