Limmen National Park

We left Lorella Springs and hit the road once more passing yet another person who had shredded a tyre on the road. We stopped to check that he was OK, as you do in remote areas. He had been driving 90kms (speed limit is 110!) an hour and he thought he had hit a rock. I was driving and 40-60kms an hour.  I said to Steve maybe we could make it a record. It had been 6 months without a puncture (but seeing many!) and maybe we could make it 12months?!Adam Plate from the Pink Roadhouse in Oodnadatta thought most tyre punctures are avoidable so I am going to try. M

We were to drive through Limmen National Park and across rivers with water in them now to the next camp at the Roper River. These are now saltwater croc rivers. The Limmen the Towns and the Cox River. It was at one of these we saw our first croc from the car. We think it was only a “freshie” though.limmen sign

first real freshie
Steve spotted this croc from the car as we drove past.

limmen NP sign

buffalo mail
Nicest mailbox of the trip! We think you put the mail in the water buffalos rump!

There was only one safe waterhole in the Limmen Nat Park to swim in. It is Butterfly falls. It was so overrun with screaming kids and screaming parents and poo being washed off small bottoms into a waterhole that had no exit and was getting smaller by the day! Ugg!!Then the drones came out! I am sure even the butterfly had to fly away! It was bedlam and we didn’t stay or even manage a photo.M

purple flower
Roadside flowers made for a colourful drive.
Native Hibiscus on the roadside. Gorgeous and wild.
southern lost city sign
The southern lost city rock formations were even better than those in Caranbirini and we did a lovely 2.5 hour walk around and through them.
southern lost city
We thought these looked like the Easter Island sculptures
southern lost city towers and steve
There were a few times when I thought Steve might try to push some of the sloping ones that had big balancing stones on top over. Either that or try some rock climbing. I had to encourage him to just look at the beauty of them instead.


giant castle termite mounds
We are back in the land of beautiful termite houses. This one is a turreted palace!
butterfly springs termite
Another fine example of termite architecture . Even Steve is noticing them now. Well sort of…..
lost city termite mounds
I thought these were a pathetic attempt but Steve thought they were trying to look like a lost city formation and quite clever!
croc sign
These signs have begun to be everywhere too!

distant lost citiessouthern lost city panorama

We camped at Mountain Creek at the Roper River but like all these wild Rivers in the middle of nowhere it is hard to get to the creek unless there is a road or boat ramp. The camp was full of serious fisherman  and they were blocking the way to the ramp if there was was one, so we found a quiet corner away from the river and the generators that went the whole time. While there I looked at the map and saw that we were across the river from the Aboriginal community of Ngukurr. I remembered a nursing friend from Sydney did a stint as a remote area nurse last year and came back and raved about her experience. Trish confirmed this was the community and suggested we visit the health centre so we decided to go there the next day. We actually had a phone/internet in this river camp from the tower at the community across the river. First phone for about 8 days, so I got busy catching up. M


2 thoughts on “Limmen National Park

  1. 1: I think we should upgrade our letter boxes in Elizabeth Street.
    2: Generators- a problem in quiet bays on our trip. Also the cause of many boats being held up for repairs. Luckily we never had one.


    1. Yes Helen,
      I often think that when I see a mailbox that a lot of thought (and work) has gone into out here on the road. I can see a big pelican out in front of your place with a hinged wing to lift up to put the mail in! What do you think? Met a nice old intrepid couple from Bayview that sailed around the pacific years ago but when their children were small. They made me think of you and Ian. They still have their sailboat across from their house at Bayview. The boat is Touchwood. Have you heard of it?


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