Edith Falls- full of birds,swims,friends and fires!

We left Bitter Springs heading for Edith falls. There we met old Sydney friends Rik and Louise for the weekend, who now live in Darwin. We really have to concentrate to work out when the weekend is these days! We loved Edith falls the last time we were here but the last time it was the wet season and the entire campground was washed away (including the concrete toilet block and kiosk) the day AFTER we stayed there as a result of flooding from the tail end of a cyclone. M

edith falls at sunset
Sunset at the Edith Falls lower pool.
edith falls lower pool and Steve
Edith Falls lower pool.
edith falls plunge pool
Edith Falls lower pool with Island that formed in Dec 2011 during a big rain event. The little river that exits the falls took out the train bridge and road bridge on the main highway it swelled so much.
edith falls with rik and louise
Louise and Rik at the lower pool. I had no noodle (they are all the rage up here) so had to resort to using my blow up bed as flotation to warm up! We have been spoiled by thermal pools that you can stay in for hours without getting cold.
sweet waterpool tea spot
We did the 4 hr walk to Sweetwater Pool which is on the Jatbula track. We stopped for a cup of tea and a swim here.
sweetwater pool with rik and louise
Old Spanners (our bushwalking club) reunited!
sweet water pools
Sweetwater pool
Rick and Louise at Sweetwater pool
The “drinkable” sweetwater pool. You can drink the water out of the waterholes on the Jatbula track. Wish we had something like this nearer Sydney. Very jealous of Rik and Louise having this as their weekend campspot.
sweetwater pool louise in the shower
Louise getting a warm back massage

This area continues to be great for birds. We had birds just fly right into our camp with a Bush Stone Curlew doing some weird and wonderful dance for us as we sat in our camp chairs. It was NOT interested in photos when the camera came out. M

leaden flycatcher female
Female Leaden Fly catcher around camp.
lemon bellied flycatcher
The very pretty Lemon bellied Fly Catcher
pacific baza
Pacific Baza complete with striped waistcoat
upper pool fire
They love burning the bush up here. Most of the time you see a fire it seems to be unattended by anyone, so never sure if it is backburning  or accidental.
fire on edith falls upper pool walk
Edith falls middle pool on the walk up to the upper pool.
upper pool fire 2
Back burning taking place behind me. I wasn’t worried about the flames but it was a bit smoky! Upper pool Edith falls.
steve at upper pool
Steve found a hole to get into as usual.
maddy in upper pool
I preferred to float.
mertens monitor
Merten’s monitor lived on this rock.
plunge pool at leliyn
Steve’s little jacuzzi pool. You had to swim through a hole in the rock to get into it.
merten and steve
Steve with friend.
leliyn turtle
Snapping turtle didn’t want to be friends.
dusky honeyeater
Dusky Honeyeater

We loved this spot and ended up staying 4 days. This will probably be the northern most point of this trip. Sadly we will be heading south/west now towards Western Australia. Sad to head any further south where it may be colder but happy to be seeing the beautiful places our wild western State has to offer!  M

4 thoughts on “Edith Falls- full of birds,swims,friends and fires!

  1. do you know of an outback map book that I could find in order to understand the where-abouts of your expeditions?


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