So long Wyndham, thanks for all the finches.

Today we set off down the Gibb River Road after 5 fantastic days around Wyndham.  We might never have come here if we had not heard Stephen Pigram singing “Crocodile River” at the Port Fairy Folk Festival.   While the food at the five rivers club that is mentioned in the song was nothing to rave about, the town has a lovely frontier feel about it and the surrounding countryside is beautiful.    Thanks Steve for providing the inspiration.

Before setting off we went for a final finch viewing behind the Wyndham caravan park where we heard they can be seen in large numbers.  We were not disappointed.

Firday morning 6 am
Friday morning 6am – 6 keen finchers ready for the action.  
finch swarm
First sighting – yes those are all Gouldian Finches
tree full of finches
Gouldians by the treefull 
drinking hordes
A few seconds later the hordes dropped down for a drinking frenzy.   So much fuss over a couple of dishes of water surrounded by rocks to make the photo’s look better.
Did someone say “last to leave picks up the bar tab?”

more gouldiangouldian branch

double barred
This time it was the other finches like these double barred finches that provided a break from the monotony of gouldian finches

red and blackdrinkingclump of gouldians

gouldian finch close
Honestly, this was not in a bird cage.
heading for a drink
Did someone say free drinks?

gouldians with zebra

brown quail 2
A shy brown quail also tried to muscle its way to the bar.

For the next 4 to 5 weeks we will be exploring the heart of Kimberley in an area where there is almost no mobile phone coverage, so there won’t be many updates.   Optus has satellite fed small cells at a couple of remote communities and fortunately we brought an Optus prepaid dongle with us, so if we can get it to work we might post an update.   However we have found that these small cells sometimes don’t really work (I think they become overloaded very easily) so no promises.  S

2 thoughts on “So long Wyndham, thanks for all the finches.

    1. B, No need to swear! Just get on a plane and fly to Kunanurra. then drive the 100kms to Wyndham. Check into the caravan park- nice cabins with upmarket soap etc. Get up at 530 and get down to the ditch behind the caravan park ( 4 min walk) with your comfy chair for 6-8am. Easy! You will save on the bird watching tour also! M


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